Thursday, November 8, 2007

At least it's not Thanksgiving yet!

Although I wouldn't have been surprised if it had taken me that long to post about Halloween!

But alas, it did not!

And let me just say, that apparently I did not get the memo that every other child was taking on a Wizard of Oz character this year! I thought I was being so good and original this year. Honestly, I did not even stroll through the costume section of the stores this year. A had told me early on that she wanted to be Belle this year but I quickly countered with Dorothy. We had already done Tinker Bell and Mulan in the past and I think I might have pulled some strings by mentioning "sparkly red shoes". We had everything we needed for this outfit. All I did was repaint some shoes with glitter spray paint. L was easy! Once I mentioned the word lion, he quickly ran with the whole Lion King thing. I did not have the heart to tell him that he was really the Courageous Lion. Either way...he got to roar to his heart's content! My friend Jenna was so sweet to let me borrow the lion costume!

How could you resist a lion with such dimples?!

Tap, tap, tap! I think she made a great Dorothy!

My favorite pair!

They made a few rounds through the neighborhoods then quickly came home to help Mommy pass out goodies.

Here they are "practicing" how to hand out the goodies.

Eagerly awaiting the next visitors!

"Can I have just one? Pleeeesssse!"

A showing off her loot and her favorite-Reeses Peanut Butter Cup!

Over the weekend, we visited my in-laws. A and L were so excited that each of them received their class friend to take home for the weekend. A brought home Benjamin Bunny, along with his overnight backpack. L brought home Buddy the Bear with all that he needed. Each had to take good care of their friend, take him along on all their adventures, and then do a scrapbook page telling of all they had done. What I found so funny is that my kids' teachers are sisters and they did this without the other knowing. Sure! ;)

A and Benjamin Bunny driving Papa's tractor

L and Buddy helping Papa drive the tractor.

A and Benjamin showing off their prized BIG one! Seriously, A just throws her line in and catches a fish every time.

L and Buddy with their BIG one!

A and Benjamin attended a 9-year old's Superbowl game.

L and Buddy hot rodding in the Barbie car!

A and Benjamin stop for photographers!

And this is just a small example of what my children like to do when they sneak away with my camera!



Jenna said...

They looked so cute!! I am glad the lion costume worked for him. I can't wait until Nate is big enough to wear it.

Jennifer said...

your kids look precious!

Cyndy said...

A made a beautiful Dorothy and L's roar nearly scared me to death! Loved seeing all the pictures.
By the way, the girl in my office also outfitted her daughter as Dorothy. What a popular choice!

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

They are too cute!! I love the one where they are waiting by the door with the candy.

Thanks for the link to Laura in Qatar. I had actually emailed with her a while back, but nothing was certain then. You reminded me that it might be good to get in touch with her now that things are set. Thanks!!!

Jennifer said...

They look super cute and looks like they had a blast!

Jennifer H. said...

Those Halloween pictures were great! The pictures at the in-laws house are wonderful. If you will be living anywhere near that pond/(tank, if you're from Texas!) then that looks beautiful and I can't wait to visit. Of course, I would MUCH rather be visiting you in your current home!! ;-)

Kimmy said...

I LOVE their Halloween costumes! SO cute!