Monday, November 5, 2007

This and That

It has been a long weekend and will continue to be a long week, but I did want to let you in on a few fun giveaways before I forgot.

$30 GC to Arte Bebe'
This site has the coolest stuff! We have one of the puzzles at work and I really love it. I might have drooled over some of the other stuff they have!

Busy Body Book Organizer
I could soooo use one of these! And knowing most of you are busy moms as well, I bet you could too!

Pedal Car Giveaway
We may be almost out of the age range for these cute Pedal Cars, but I just had to share!

Cool Zebras giveaways
She is giving away books every week!

This may the coolest baby wrap I have seen yet! I know I don't have a babe right now, but if I decide to, I would be one hip Mama!

Josh Turner Package
There is a lot of neat stuff in this package to be given away!

I am taking the next few days off from posting. I love T-it-T and WFMW, but I am temporarily out of tackles and ideas.

And honestly, I am feeling quite prickly these days and need not take the chance of slipping up and saying something I will regret.

So, for the next few days, I am going to zip my own lip and just enjoy (and comment) y'all. I am also planning on getting to know some new people better. I will be back Thursday with fun pics of the kids and then have new places to share with Friday Fuzzies.


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