Monday, November 5, 2007

And the Canadians have taken the lead!

Oh hush!

I know I said I would not be back until Thursday, but technically, it is still Monday.

You know.

Today, the day I wrote my first post this morning.

Where I said I would not be posting again until Thursday.

I just had to come back for a quick second to tell you what my secret potential prize announcement was.

On Friday, I thought in my head, "what the heck! give away two prize sets!".

So, I did!

Only I just today heard back from my second winner....


She is not a blogger but I bet just as sweet ;) And thank goodness she checks her junk mail! (Can I not be "junk" anymore Jeanette?!)

And I just think it is a hoot that she lives in Canada where my other new buddies live! In fact, Julie-Anne was my very first blog prize winner and Kimmy won from me also!

Ok, so really, I have given away more stuff to the USA gals, but who's counting anyway!

Congratulations Jeanette!

And now back to my hibernation!!


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