Friday, November 9, 2007


Ok gals, let's get right to it!

From Under the Clutter
She has a sweet and easy-to-read site with lots of good stuff waiting for you! There is variety, so you never know what you will be enjoying that day. I have gotten behind and really need to spend more time there myself so I can soak up all the goodness. One of my favorite things is her other site, Being Frugal. I recommend you visit her there too!

Broom Huggers
I found Kathy by chance during my webquest for better living. I love that she has created this business which only cleans your home with what is pure and good for your family. Her site is full of such good information, resources, and even stories! Go see her. And if you live in the Atlanta area, use her company to clean your home!

Antique Mommy
I used to visit here from time to time early on in my blog life, but somehow she got lost on my favorites list. Gotta clean that thing out now that I have a lot of them on my sidebar! She tells lovely stories of her life as an "older" mom to a precious little boy! Very funny and very sweet stories! She is definitely worth the stop!

The Big Yellow House
Martie is a very special lady. She will tell you that what she does is no big deal, but I would disagree! She runs a happy-and busy!-household with 9 kids while her husband serves in Iraq. I have really enjoyed getting to know her through the stories she shares about her family and her life. Please go visit her and maybe send her some extra encouragement!

Anita Renfroe's Site
Ok, maybe this is cheating a bit, but this gal is funny. And true, this is her website and not her blog, but a great resource worth some fuzzies! You can read about her, watch her videos, and find out how to see her in person. I love the Mom Song, of course! And I have so been wanting to read The Purse Driven Life!

Happy Friday Fuzzies to all!



Antique said...


Cara said...

Hey, do you know about Bloglines? That's how I read my favorite blogs :)

Lynnae said...

Thanks for giving my sites some Friday Fuzzies! I'm going to have to visit the other sites you mentioned, too. They sound great!

Anonymous said...

Antique Mommy is my absolute favorite! I'll have to check out some of your other fuzzies!