Friday, November 23, 2007

Only time will tell....

you how crazy I am!!

I hope y'all will forgive me for bailing out of another FF; for real this time cuz it won't even be coming later.

Last night, I was sitting around planning my last meal of the day.

Or otherwise known as my Pre-Shopping Day Meal.

I needed to plan wisely; making sure I had a sufficient ratio of protein and carbs to fuel my Shopping Day race.

Although I do tend to try and hit a few Black Friday sales each year, I don't go all crazy about it. Only one year was I one of those hard-core shoppers with spikes strapped around my elbows and wearing roller skates for speed. This year, I have a list ready in hopes of snatching a few good deals.

We are in a small town for the holiday, so my choices are limited to Wal-Mart, Goody's, Bealls, CVS, and Staples. And since they all exist on one street, at least our travel time won't impede us.

So anyway, I went to bed early in anticipation of my 4 AM arrival at the entrance of Wal-Mart.

I will check back in later this weekend to let you know how successful I was. Oh, and to share some other stories from the week!


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