Sunday, November 18, 2007


Um, it is still Friday, isn't it?

Just a brief synopsis so you won't think I have lost my mind. Or maybe I have! I prepped this post on Thursday evening before heading out for my much-needed GNO. Although it was actually a girls' night in, we had a glorious time! home around midnight (that would be friday morning!) and went to bed in order to rise at 6 am the "next" day. Friday included a vendor show until 11:30 am, packing up and driving home, managing kids and house, taking dtr to birthday party, going to dinner with husband and son, picking up dtr and getting kids to bed, AND falling asleep while putting kids to bed! Saturday included working at a hospital, coming home, changing clothes, taking kids to coop, out and about with husband during coop hours, putting kids to bed AND falling asleep while doing so! we are on Sunday morning with your latest addition of FRIDAY FUZZIES!

I am nothing if not efficient and timely!

Actually, I am, but it was just one of those weeks!!!!

However, these ladies deserve some kuddos, so we are all just going to pretend that it is still Friday!

The FlipFlop Mamma
She is young and hip. Yes, there are tattoos involved, but I will let you read about those yourself! She has 3 gorgeous kids and is striving to live a healthy life. She also supports her husband in his role as a pastor. Go check out her cute site!

BonBon Boutique
Christy is a work of art. Or is it that she does great works of art? Both! She has a cute site where you can learn about her and ALL the super cool stuff she creates! Don't miss out!!

A Mei Mei for Mallory
Adele's site is such a wonderful online "scrapbook" about her life and her beautiful daughter. You will feel happiness and love the minute you arrive. You can tell how dedicated she is to her family and we can all pray for next addition they will have one day. Warning-if you have a young daughter, you might pray now for God to suppress your desire to covet super cute outfits with matching bows! Go enjoy!

Rose Cottage Lane
"Grace" found me during the giveaway and I am looking forward to learning more about her through her archives. She has a beautiful old-charm site and I was so happy to learn about her love of shabby chic on a budget. Maybe I can get some more great ideas for my home decor file folder! And my new friend lives in Oklahoma, so maybe I can sneak in a visit some day when I am back home!

Black Friday Ads
And in preparation for next Friday, be sure to check out this site for a head-start with all your holiday shopping. Plus, sign-up for their email list so you can learn about the great deals faster!


Jennifer said...

Um, just want to say - after reading your post, I think I need a nap! LOL! You're a busy woman!

Jennifer H. said...

Oh, I have to check out the Black Friday ads! My mom and I always go shopping that day!!

Cyndy said...

Oh I'm so glad it's still Friday, I have two more days before I go back to work!!!!!
I always enjoy your new sites to check out. It's going to be a busy week, so hopefully I'll have time to visit them. Can't wait 'til the Black Friday one!
By the way, I really liked your Works for me Wednesday post. In fact, I commented on it, but must have forgotten to hit the publish comment button... I'm really not very tech savy. Maybe with Jennifer's help I can do the google reader.

Anonymous said...

I'm so flattered - thank you very much for the nomination!

Christy said...

Thanks so much for the post!