Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Warning! If you are destined to raise perfect children, then look away now! But just remember, DeNial is a fun place to live; it just ain't cheap!

I am not officially tackling today because most of my tackles are in limbo right now.

Unless you want to count tackling my son!

I love that boy something fierce, but truly, he and I are like two wrestlers right now. Just going round and round, eyeing our opponent, and waiting to see what move the other makes first.


I have tried to stay true to the thought that it is important for them to make many mistakes and learn how to make good choices when young. It is just the training part of all that which is killing me!

Listening and obeying mix with him like oil and vinegar right now.

And although big sister is not quite as bad right now, she is dealing with her own sassy/whiny issues right now too!

But that boy!

Sneaky, demanding, whiny, sassy, not listening, wash, rinse, repeat!

I have tried old-fashioned correction, new-age correction, creative correction, you name it.

I know 3's can be such a mixed stage. It was my hardest (thus far) with my daughter as well. He just seems to have the ability to push my EXACERBATION button way easier than she. Let's see....there has been the fish torture, the hiding under sister's bed with a container of chocolate powder and a spoon, the relieving of oneself out in nature, the store touching fiasco, and the not listening. Did I mention the not listening. OH, and now, we are having to work on not fibbing to get out of getting in trouble!

I do believe his heart is big enough and full of enough love to withstand the moments that I just simply lose it. And I would be lying if I led you to believe some of those moments were not occurring before 9 am! I am still getting plenty of hugs and kisses, lots of please and thank you's, and just those moments of pure 3-year old joy over the simple things that I forget to notice anymore.

I will leave this light. Some of my favorite quotes of his from the past several weeks are:

"OH! I.AM.SO.SORRY! Mom, I am so so sorry!"

"Are you still upset to me?"

"Moooom! Why are you always mad at me?" (this is with head and hand gestures)

"Mom, I am being a good boy!"

"Mom, I want to watch the naughty, naughty boy!"

Ok, this one cracks me up because at first I had no idea what he was talking about and he was saying it in such a funny way. Turns out, he was referring to the little boy in a recent Madeline video he had watched! Yes, I was getting it in his best British accent!

Ironic viewing choice, don't you think!


p.s. Some friends and I are starting Lisa Whelchel's book "The Busy Mom's Guide to Prayer". I am really looking forward to getting specific with God in regards to my children!


Martie said...

Ahhh, 3. I have my hands full at times too. 3 is such a tricky age because the little ones are learning to take initiative on their own. That assertiveness can sometimes include risk-taking and pushing limits, which is really rough on Mom. I find that it helps to know that it is a natural developmental stage. If dealt with properly, it can be a positive thing, but BOY, is it stressful sometimes! It is also an age of developing guilt feelings, and when the child misbehaves, and he or she feels guilty, he or she often reacts by becoming more aggressive or independent or more. It's a nasty cycle.

I have never read anything like this, but I have a little theory that I have developed over 22 years of parenting, and that is that there are kind of reflective ages... 1 and 10, 2 and 12, 3 and 13, 4 and 14, etc. IF your child learns to handle the challenges of 3, he is more likely to handle the changes at 13. They are similar challenges at these reflective ages, IMO. SO, it's best for us to read and study and learn everything we can now so that the child will be emotionally healthy later. You know what I mean? I have a book that is really awesome if you are interested. It's called The Power of Positive Parenting, by Glenn Latham. I think it's time for a refresher for me too! =)

Sorry to write a book. I feel your pain! We've has some long days in the Big Yellow House lately!

Hang in there, sister. Things will get better!


Cyndy said...

I'm sorry, Stacey, but I couldn't help but laugh while reading your blog this morning. I know it doesn't help you in any way, but I survived and so will you! Like L., Brandon was my exasperating child. There were so many times I would be at my wit's end and then he would turn around and be the most loving, fun little boy. Oh, how I cherished those times! Remember this old saying: and this too shall pass. It bacame one of my favorite!

Jennifer said...

I can relate to how you feel, though mine is a bit different. When my boy was 3, he was actually a breeze - I really didn't have much of a problem with him. But now he's 13 and it's a whole different game. I feel kind of like you do now for similar reasons. I don't know how I'm going to get through the teen years! And then my daughter, well, she will be 3 next month, and the way it's going now, I see me in the same boat with her that you are in right now. Oh my goodness!! Anyway, I really don't have any advice, but just assuring you - you are not alone! I and many others totally understand!

texastanya said...

I can totally understand! I actually wrote a similar post today about my "mommy struggle". I wish I had words of wisdom to share with you, but all I can say for now is that I'm there with you sister!