Monday, October 22, 2007

Picture pages, picture pages......

This is what you get when it is dark and raining outside and I want to be back in bed but my children, mostly Luke, like to not be back in bed! I am not even going to be all nice this time and put them in order. That would take brain power! I hope you enjoy anyway!

"Hey Mom, look at us, we are stealers." My kids can be almost anything with a pair of pantyhose. Maybe I can find some more pics to prove it!

Pumpkin Patch Pals

I know Luke is not waving here, but watching them go around the field, you would have thought they were both supahstahs the way they were crazy waving at all the cars on the road!

Attack of the Giant Fingers!

Luke holding a chinchilla at an animal birthday party!

You too can amaze your children for $1.

This is the look I get most of the times I catch him doing things he shouldn't be. That is when I am not catching him hiding under a table with whatever he should not be doing! This look is usually accompanied by "I sohwee, I sohwee!" or "It was an assident!"

"Yo ho ho, Mommy" Do you like that look Luke is giving me? Scary Pirate!

The kid loves him some broccoli!

More animal craziness!

Anysa with the chinchilla!

Handy Luke. Or Farmer Luke, depending on what exactly he is doing with those tools!

Luke with his buddies Diego, Superman, and David (David and Goliath book). I think he is well protected through the night!

Anysa went as Dorothy to a friend's pumpkin patch birthday party. This was our first practice with the outfit and accessories. I will get better pics with "Dorothy" and the "Lion" when we trick or treat!

Queen of the Haystack

Not a good day between Anysa and Luke. This was her attempt to say "Luke, stay out!". I don't think he took it very well, do you?

Babies are always taken good care of around here!

This is what I dug out of my little nose-stuffing boy! A balloon tip he had broken off an old balloon.

Rain, rain, go away.

Or at least until I drop the kids off at school and can get back home to jump into bed!

I wish!!



kel said...

Looks like you are staying that an understatement? Looks like kids are having fun. The rain starts here today and I am crazy enough that we are attempting to make a paper mache globe...I may regret that decision.

Jenmomof4 said...

What a day!!!

Thanks for dropping by my blog!! I also finally thanked your for my Warm Fuzzy that you gave me a few weeks ago. FOr some reason I had it in my POsts but never had published it. Sorry!!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Oh my gosh. Can I come live at your house? It looks like ya'll have lots and lots of fun. Can't wait for trick-or-treat pictures!!

Qtpies7 said...

Oh my goodness, what a time! Sounds like my house! We had a doctor pull out a googly eye from a nose once, lol. He said M&Ms are the worst!

There are lots of contests right now for pics of your kids in Halloween costumes and even one at a pumpkin patch.
I have a contest blog that you could find them on.

Jennifer said...

Never a dull moment, huh? Great pics! And if you're tired of the rain, feel free so send some my way! We finally got some desperately needed rain today, but not nearly enough! So I'll take what you don't want! :0)

Kimmy said...

Oh boy, am I ever glad I'm not the only mom who's got a boy sticking "things" up body holes . . . your kids are so cute!

{Karla} said...

oh my word!!! The tip of the balloon did me in!!!