Wednesday, October 31, 2007

And my PINK winners are.............

You are gonna love this.............





It wasn't hard since they were the only two who played along (boo hoo!), BUT i am really glad it was them! One is local so this might actually mean we could meet in person-yea! The other is coming my way very soon, so another real life encounter possibility!

You gals are getting a cute mini pink cutting board with a pink-handled paring knife. AND some surprise goody from my Arbonne stash!

And, of course, my eternal thanks for supporting a wonderful cause!

To put a face to a name and learn a little about my friend Sonya, please go here for a recent news story by her friend Kirsten.

And continue to pray for her precious family!

Are you new around here and want to know more about why I did this? Go here and here and here for the story behind today's winners.

And there is still time to join the fun, so don't forget to go to to support this cause and learn about this incredible foundation that supports women and their families diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, as well as much needed research.


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Kelli in the Mirror said...

WOO HOO! I win! I love Pampered Chef stuff. Thanks!