Friday, October 19, 2007


Joy in the Journey
Joy is a wife and mother of 5. And next to her commitment to Him, it is easy to tell that her priorities are embedded in her family! They are currently working in Indonesia where her husband flies for the MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship). You can read more about it at her site. Joy shares about her faith, her family, her passions. Spend some time getting to know her and praying for her family!

Mommy Zabs
I have mentioned Elizabeth before when talking about Not China Made, but good grief, this girl is even busier than I originally thought! And more talent in the tips of her typing fingers than I could ever hope for! She writes at a technical blog (sorry Elizabeth, I can't find it at this moment!), her personal blog (this one), her China blog, and probably contributes to many more! Then, she and some of her friends decided to create MusicMamas (i have a feeling these are some cool chicks!). And just recently, she unveiled She is sweet, funny, insightful, and encouraging. And she calls her son "Lukey" just like me! That's my girl!

An Iowa Mom
Hang on tight! Stopping by just once will have you coming back over and over! First and foremost, she is crack-up funny! The kid stories are just hilarious, but she is not afraid to tell on herself too! She has helpful ideas, makes cute little girl socks, and is the creator of Mom's Turn (where a mom can go to blow off some anonymous steam!) on my sidebar. She is also the one to introduce me to, and for that, I am so grateful!

Lizzie's Home
Lizzie has not received my attention as much as I would like, so I can't go on and on about her. So many times, I am reading blogs late at night which means I usually just read the day's entry and move on. But Lizzie has SO MUCH neat stuff listed on her sidebar that I must get to!! You will see why I did not want to pass her by just because I couldn't tell you much myself! I am hoping we can become "friends" so I will have another person to visit when I go to Australia again! Someday!

Mama's on a Playdate
I found Jenny after linking here, then there one night. It was hard not to be quickly drawn into her stories of her precious Allie. I would encourage you to learn more about Allie and her story. Now Jenny shares passionately about life with her husband, a busy 2-year old Maggie, and Heroes for Children!

Happy Friday Fuzzies to all!


mommy zabs said...

O gosh that is so very sweet! Thank so much I love the award, super cute :)

Joy@Joy in the Journey said...

Oh thank you!! How sweet of you!
You are a blessing to me!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Hi Stacey!
I came over from shoeaddict looking for your post about missy. :) Your site is fun- I'll be back. I have a Luke too!

Lizzie said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out! I love how I've discovered folks from all over the world and it's like unwrapping a Christmas present each time I follow a 'came from' link in my site meter, LOL.

Such lovely comments too :)