Sunday, October 7, 2007

Because I Said So


I watched this movie! It has been sitting on my TV, courtesy of Netflix, for, oh, about a month! LOVED.IT!


I got all my Friday Fuzzies' recipients posted on my sidebar under "Places I Visit"!

Don't forget about my contest that runs through October. It truly is a win-win opportunity!

If you don't already link to Not China Made, it is a must! Not only can you receive updates on all the latest recalls, but you can find great links for non-China shopping! And this is how precious Elizabeth is....if you know of a company or you have a business where the products (actual product and manufacturing) are American-made or at least not made in China, just let her know and it might get a review. Or at least a sidebar link. She did that for me here. I truly hope it makes a difference for this family!

Next week, look for the weight loss update, my kids and school, and hopefully, some good general info about living healthier. I have only had that one on the post back burner forever!

Make it a great week!

1 comment:

kel said...

Our family has come a long way in eating and being healthier but still have far to go it is bad how easy it is to slip back into bad patterns.