Sunday, October 28, 2007

A day of rest??

I don't normally post on the weekends, but since my children (mostly, that sweet precious lively boy of ours!) enjoy the wee early morning hours.....well, here I am! I am going to start some serious clock training this week!!

I will be off and running soon for a Sunday filled with activity. The line-up includes church, lunch and fall activities with our life group, Trunk-or-Treat at church (includes both outdoor and indoor festivities and food!), then home to prepare for another week!

One of our life group families has hosted everyone the last few years and we bring our pumpkins to decorate and carve. This year it has to coincide with our TT at church, so we will just head over there afterwards. Our group is running the indoor games. We have decorated a trunk the last few years, but I thought this job could have some nice advantages whether it be hot or cold outside!! All the kids can wear their costumes and my kids have done so every year. This year, I decided not to worry about it since bounce houses are a fav with my kids! Last night, I picked up a couple of cute holiday shirts half-price at Old Navy, so we are going simple!

Speaking of Old Navy! I am sitting here right now in the cute pj's our friend R bought all the girls for our girls' weekend a couple of weeks ago. So cute and comfy! And let me just say, I am having serious thoughts of buying some more (in solid colors if they have them) because, my friends, I don't think I have ever owned a pair of pj's that makes one's backside look sooo good. I am not bragging. I am just sayin'! Right now, I am even contemplating taking a picture to prove it. And here is why I can speak the truth with ease. That weekend, we ALL looked good in them. We are a diverse group-tall, short, skinny, not as skinny. These pj bottoms just seemed to wrap themselves just right around each of our bums and shouted, "Look, look down here! I look good!!". Now, as women we know, anything like that deserves to have many friends join it in our closets!!

Sitting here, I also wonder, as I drink my coffee and give each of my kids a donut, if I lost any weight this past week. I was actually surprised that I did so at last Sunday's weigh-in. As of last week, I had lost 8.8 pounds in 9 weeks. My group at church has lost over 70 pounds in that same 9 weeks, with our high loser at a 9.8 loss so far. I am so proud of everyone! I will keep ya'll posted!

Don't forget all the fun that is about to start over at Rocks in my Dryer on Monday. Fall Ya'll is a great time to meet-greet-give-win! Go over for details and then be sure to join the week long fun starting tomorrow!

Almost done!

At the beginning of the month, I shared some ways to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month during October. I also wanted to give away a few things to say thanks for supporting some good causes. True, entering was a few more steps than just leaving a comment, but I am surprised that only ONE person is the running for TWO prizes! So, I solicited help! Not for me, for the causes! I am excited to let you know that I am featured today on 5 Minutes Around the Blogosphere! Each Sunday, Kailani features several blogs that are having contests or give-aways! Cool,huh!! Of course, I already love 5M4M as you can tell from my sidebar and this is just so special to be part of their site. Janice and Susan (and their many helpers!) host a great site for moms while also running their own stores, A Rocking Horse To Love and Pedal Cars and Retro.

Want a chance to help and win yourself? Click here for details!

Have a great day!!


Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Sounds busy, girl! Hey, in your copious free time (hee hee), would you mind to link a mama up to the pajamas of which you speak? At nearly two months post-partum, I am DESPERATE for anything that will make my backside look good - even if it's just for myself around the house. (And my hubby, too, I guess!)

kel said...

I am thinking I need to go look for these pajamas too!