Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fill 'er up!

I was getting concerned last Friday because my list for Friday Fuzzies was running dangerously low. If I continued at my current pace of 5 each Friday, I would be scrambling in 2 weeks!

Now, THAT, was about the silliest thing I have ever worried about! Give me a few good reads about Tackles and WFMW's and my list is sufficiently refueled! Not to mention my excitement about upcoming new contests floating around the blogosphere, as well as learning about fun sites to get cool stuff!

One of the new sites I found today is both informative AND generous!

Noelle at Live Your Healthiest Life has done tons of "legwork" to give her visitors so much incredible information on living healthier! And as an added bonus, her weekly featured products, are offered to her readers as prizes just for entering!

Do you like whip cream on your hot cocoa? Me too! Noelle's "whip cream" is her referral program which allows you to earn a FREE product of your choice when your name is posted by someone else in the "message" section of an entry form. Each time your name (Stacey Willmon!) is provided, you get a point. 5 points = Free product! That is her way of thanking you for getting the word out about her site and her mission!

And since Random Generator refuses to be my friend anymore with all the other contests I have been entering, this seems like a piece of cake for winning something!

Would you mind getting me a piece of cake?

And then go tell your friends so we can eat it together!



The Wooden Porch said...

I commented for you. :-)

The Wooden Porch said...

(At that blog, I mean. Cuz of course I commented here too. :-)

L. Noelle said...

Love your Blog Stacey! Thanks for the post! Hey Wooden Porch, be sure to enter to win the products!!! You can win products just by entering to win! Thanks again!

L. Noelle said...

P.S., 1 point for you Stacey!!!!