Thursday, October 4, 2007

Faith like a child

Luke is sufficiently potty trained from the anterior point of view and he has made great strides the last 2 weeks from the posterior point of view!

And while I strive to ensure that my children empty their bladders prior to leaving the house, well, things do come up that we can't control.

Like 3 year old bladders!

So, possibly, on a couple of occasions, a certain son's mother might have allowed her son to relieve himself in a paper cup that, just happened to have been available in the car.

Applicable rules to this type of situation were discussed in great detail.

Somehow, however, a 3 year old's mind interprets that discussion to include the JUST.PROFESSIONALLY.CLEANED.KITCHEN.FLOOR.AND.TILE.GROUT!
With a perfectly good plastic drinking cup!

While in the middle of kneeling down to his level and making it PERFECTLY.CLEAR that this does NOT happen in the house with a PERFECTLY.GOOD.BATHROOM.TOILET.AVAILABLE, he lowered his eyes and face and got this pouty mouth and said,

"But I just prasin God."

Thank goodness he is not old enough to partake in communion.


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Jennifer said...

Well letting Hudson pee outside this summer came back to haunt me. The other day, while outside at preschool, Hudson dropped his shorts and peed right there in front of his class and teacher. I about died!! Luckily, his teacher has a son and was able to laugh it off (after explaining to him that we DON'T pee outside, ever) So, he lost that priviledge and now we go inside no matter what. Sheesh.