Friday, October 26, 2007


I love doing this!

The only problem is there are so many of you out there to love!

My sidebar over there is getting crazy long! I played with the idea of creating a separate page (seriously, i don't even know if i can do that with blogger!), but hate the idea of having to click twice to get to someone you want to visit. Remember, if I give you a fuzzy, you end up on my sidebar in the near future. I am devoted that way!

The Diaper Diaries
I have had her on my computer favs list for a long time and I read there from time to time. Because my list is so long, I just didn't get there as often as I would have liked. Until now! In order to bestow her a FF, I checked out a few more entries and read through "About" and "100 Things". She is a SAHM now, but a former pediatric physical therapist!! (Remember, I am a pediatric OT.) AND, she lives in a town in Iowa where I think some old friends of mine live or lived previously. I can't wait to have her investigate for me! About her blog....I love it so far. I love how clean and organized it is. It is so easy to read and always full of good ideas and thoughts! I think I will be checking out her archives! Go say hi!!

The Preachers Wife
Lisa runs a beautiful site that encourages and blesses those that stop in there. Many participate in her online bible study as well. I hope you will go visit her and refresh your spirit!

Angela's Daily Struggle
Angela stopped by here long ago. Then, I feel in love with reading about her. She takes a break from writing now and then, but you can always enjoy her archives and her old site! She is married with a very cute daughter and....another babe on the way! She takes great pics too!! Reading some of her posts and seeing the pics, my guess is that life is not dull around them!! Go have yourself a visit!

Holding the Mirror up to My Soul
"Kelli" is a new blog friend. Best part is we could actually meet face-to-face if we tried! I have a lot more reading to do to catch up on her and know her better, but I like what I have read so far. I do know she stays busy because she runs a daycare besides all the other things she does. I hope you will go get to know her too!

My Tiny Kingdom
MUST.GO.READ! All of it! SERIOUSLY! I am just warning you now. Once you go there, you will have to put yourself on a schedule because you will want to go back and back and back to read more! I can't believe I just now found her! This is what got me started. And if you don't link over and read this, well, you will have no else to blame for your bad day but yourself! Just a warning, though. You might want to sit on a towel and not be drinking anything while you read it! Today is serious though. She is sharing the anniversary of her mom's passing with us along with ways to help others. Go now. You won't regret your time there.

Happy Friday Fuzzies to all!


Kelli in the Mirror said...

Thanks! :) I need to catch up on reading in your archives too!

Qtpies7 said...

I came across the sex talk post months ago, and I nearly peed my pants laughing! I just gave her linky love this week too! Her halloween shopping post was too funny!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Off to check out your fuzzies for the week, but I wanted to tell you that you CAN put your blogroll on a different page in blogger. List them all in a post and then back-date the post. Set up a link in your sidebar to that post and there ya go. Mine is set up that way.

Email me if you want me to be more specific!

angela said...

Awww! I just got back from a wedding this weekend to find a Friday Fuzzy. You are the sweetest.