Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Just a click away!

I wasn't going to do WFMW this week, but just had to share this what with all the new blogs I am discovering this week!!

I am horrible about remembering where I saw a great idea or a neat place I wanted to return to. For some reason, I never really knew what the "favorites" icon would do until recently. Don't say it!!

WELL, it is my BFF these last few months! It comes in especially handy as I give away my Friday Fuzzies each Friday and need to look through my choices!

So, don't forget to click liberally on your "favorites" icon as you find stuff you want to remember for later! Blogs, websites, articles, stuff, you name it!

Especially this week!!

For more great ideas, head over to Rocks in my Dryer!


{Karla} said...

i love my "favorites" button. Mine has gotten REALLY full lately!!!


Emily said...

wait, there's more! My sister recently introduced me to google reader. It's at the top of the google page under more -> Reader. Then you susbscribe to blogs or whatever and it tells you when they're updated! It's the coolest.