Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break 2009

After all the rain the week before, we ended up with beautiful weather for Spring Break last week.

I had planned on a pretty low-key week except maybe for a day trip or two.

But I didn't want complete bored-itis on my hands either!

My daughter ended up attended a 3-day morning "day camp" with Girl Scouts the first part of the week. She enjoyed Science Day, Safari Day, and they went roller skating on Wednesday. I realllllly wanted to don some skates because I love it, but decided just to be my son's guard rail instead. Although after the first hour, he didn't need me! They even let him participate in the roller skating games, which he loved. My daughter did great from the beginning, so she was on her own with her friends.

I checked off a few more rooms on my cleaning schedule before we left for our mini-vaca the last part of the week.

I decided to schedule a doc appt at the end of the week and take the kids and my MIL with me.

We enjoyed dinner at Chuy's (YUMMM!) before seeing the Disney on Ice show (Mickey and Minnie's Adventure) on Thursday. It was a surprise for the kids and they enjoyed it. Personally, I enjoyed the Disney Princess on Ice show better, but you can't beat discounted tickets so I rolled with it!

Friday morning found us at the Dallas Zoo.

Here is where my disclaimer is required.

I can now officially vouch for the superiority of the Fort Worth Zoo over the Dallas Zoo. Not to hurt anyone's feelings, but it just is.

Some animal exhibits were hardly visible, while others held only one or two of each type of animal. And, uh, hello, no hippos?! What is up with that?!

We did the monorail tour on the Wild Africa side for $2 each which was actually enjoyable.

DON'T, I repeat DON'T, do the 4D "movie". You can choose from 2 shows and it is $6 a person. I was acually excited because we have enjoyed several of these types of shows at Six Flags and Moody Gardens. Despite all their hype, it is barely 15 minutes long (even though it shows as 30 minutes long) and it is hardly a 4d experience. It is barely a 3D experience.

And while I am glad the kids enjoyed themselves, I thought you needed to be fair warned!

Painting earlier in the week.

Dallas Zoo Trip

This was probably our favorite exhibit!! There were only 2 rhinos, but this one was the most entertaining. He would walk around and then stop for a little relief! He did this several times. Can you see it?!!! :) We were all crackin' up!

This is the best shot I could get of a tiger.

As much as I detest slimy things, I will say that I thought the Reptile/Amphibian exhibit building was probably one of their best attempts. It was informative and interesting.

He loved it!

She did not!

One of 3 giraffes.

The lone elephant we could find.

The waterfall view from the monorail.

Our favorite animal, the Okari. The back half is like a zebra but it is actually the cousin of the giraffe.

We ended the day on the merry-go-round and a stop by the gift shop before heading home Friday afternoon.



Jennifer said...

looks like a super fun spring break!

Mommy Cracked said...

That huge yellow snake is incredible!!! Looks lik a fatastic time was had by all! We love zoo trips!

Anonymous said...

I am TOTALLY with A. on the snakes!! TOTALLY!

texastanya said...

I am so glad to have a definitive answer on the Dallas Zoo vs. Fort Worth Zoo. Sorry it wasn't as wonderful...