Monday, March 23, 2009

Family Pictures 2009

The weekend that we had planned to take pictures ended up being rainy and colder than we wanted. So, we opted out of Saturday and moved the time to Sunday afternoon, in hopes of clear skies. By the time we took pics, the rain was gone and the overcast sky was perfect. The temperature, however, was about 10 degrees cooler than we had expected.

As you can see here!

I had solicited a new friend to take our pics, and despite her nervousness about it, I think she did great. She took a LOT of pics which always helps when you need to find good ones among the bad. And by bad, I don't mean her picture taking ability. Most of the "bad" ones were due to crazy faces, crazy hair, or poor cooperation on our part!

It is so funny how lighting and color changes so much. I mean how else can I explain how much rounder I appear in these pics compared to the ones I just took a few weeks ago! ;) The whole hair thing too! I had just had my hair done 2 days before and I think it still looks weird to me in these pics. I am used to it now, but I do feel like the witness-protection version of myself!

I am going to turn some of these b&w, but I have not decided which ones yet and didn't have time before dealing with them here. I will probably do b&w with those where the lighting seems too stark.

I hate that we really didn't get very good family shots, but maybe after our newest family member arrives. And how I didn't remember to get individual shots of little man baffles me!

The last funny thing that I want to share about these pics is the location. We probably would have done the park area had it not rained the whole week before. However, I am very pleased with our choice. I had picked out a few places in town months before in anticipation of taking some 7 year old pics of my daughter. I love all the "urban" shots I see on other photographers websites and wanted that look.

Of course, explaining "urban" to my very NON-urban husband caused interesting conversations as I am sure you can imagine!

I think the location choice turned out great! The pics in front of the rock arch and gate were my friend's idea. She knew this spot and it really was great. I hope to go back some time and get some better pics there.

This is our cheesy shot!

And here is what we really thought of it!



Jennifer said...

Stacey, these pictures are amazing! You really got some fantastic shots! I'd never be able to pic a favorite - they are all so good!

Loni said...

Those are great! Great!! Tell her she did a wonderful job!

Cyndy said...

Great pictures!!! And I love the locations .... both of them!


Jennifer said...

the pics are super cute!

Kimmy said...

These are great! The colors and location work really well together. You are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Those are so good! You look great.

Mommy Cracked said...

Those are fabulous!! Such a treasure to have! We keep putting off new family portraits but I KNOW we need to get busy on that! Thanks for sharing those.

Cindy said...

Oh my goodness, those are all just beautiful! I LOVE the cheesy shot! What a beautiful family.