Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby Update

I had my appointment this past Thursday and all is well.

He is measuring nicely and the heart beat is strong.

My previous visit found me with a 5# gain in a month. This visit found me with no weight gain in 3 weeks. And while it sounds great, I am scratching my head because I feel and look bigger. Oh well. And I am left with a 10# window in the next 7+ weeks as to not surpass my weight gain with the other two.

I am on a mission!

The regular 3rd trimester stuff is upon me~ fatigue, leg cramps, awkwardness, and weeping.

While a lot of times, I try to get in some squatting while around the house and yard, most of the other times I have resorted to requesting that my children pick up stuff for me that I have dropped.

And like the whole fat belly and drooping pants thing, why is that pregnant women with big bellies not suitable for bending seem to drop stuff a LOT?!!!

I watched Grey's and ER off my DVR from Thursday and now wonder if I can bear the last 2 episodes of their seasons in my weepy state. I have decided that I must, however I will be watching them alone and with much tissue in hand!

While at the grocery store the other day, I felt the force calling me to the ice cream section. Initially it was for my husband, but I pulled a little treat out for myself as well. Ben and Jerry's Chocolate with Brownie Chunks! The small container says it has 4 servings in it. I made it last for 3 and feel pretty good about it!

It certainly makes my weepiness better!



Jennifer said...

Glad all is going well with the pregnancy! I'm NOT pregnant and I drop lots of stuff, but yeah, the belly would definitely make it more difficult to be picking stuff up. Hey, that's what the other kids are for, right? LOL.
Again, NOT pregnant, but I will probably be weepy for the finales too - especially for ER which I have stuck with since episode one all those years ago. It will be sad, but happy at the same time to see it end!
And hey, ice cream makes everything better!

Someone Being Me said...

Good job on not gaining any weight at the last appt. I was doing so good until the past week or so and suddenly my appetite and cravings have gone through the roof. I only have 18 days to go so I am trying to be good but I'm not doing so well. Oh well, this is probably my last pregnancy so I guess I will take advantage of my last couple of weeks of freedom to eat what I want and still fit in my (stretchy) pants.

Anonymous said...

You made a Ben & Jerry's last for 3 servings! Dang woman! Step it up! You're eating for 2!!

And I found that my weight gain did not seem to correspond with how much/what I ate or how my clothes fit. Wacky!!

So glad everything is going well for you two!

Jennifer said...

a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do!!

Anonymous said...

I dropped a lot of stuff, too, but mostly I seemed to tip over. :) Thankfully it was never anything too serious! Just enough to make me laugh at myself.

I always knew I shouldn't be eating junk, but I felt so yucky in that last trimester that I felt justified at eating the Reese's cereal that I craved at night. Ah, those were the days. ;)

Martie said...

Aww, the end of pregnancy is so hard! You're almost there!! Yippee!

I can't wait, and I know you can't either.