Monday, March 2, 2009

Reflecting over Do-Si-Dos

And some chocolate milk to be specific! :)

Had my monthly doctor visit this morning, so thought I would do a quick update.

Everything is good as far as measurements and heartbeat. He wanted to start my 2-week visits, but I smiled real big and talked him into a 3-week turnaround for the next one.

I find it crazy that I am already 29 weeks. REALLY?! I think that whole thing about being farther along than I thought my first visit really threw me off!

I feel fine most of the time. Definitely experiencing some periods of fatigue, the beginning of some swelling, and the beginning stages of nesting. Those three things really don't work well together! I have a lot on my mind of what I want/need to be doing and many times I go too long without resting. In turn, that bumps up the fatigue factor and makes for some pretty cankles by mid-day and evening!

I forgot to post these fun pics from my last visit. You know the one where my doctor so impressed my 4-year old that he now wants to invite him to dinner and learn to juggle just like him! It was funny today when I told my doctor all this. He said that in the beginning of his practice, he actually used to go to his "kids" birthday parties. He would juggle for the kids and teach them as well. I mean, really, how incredible is that?!!

My little man and Dr. Wonderful.

Little Man wanted to check out the "mountain" at the hospital.

OK, these next pictures are for those people that keep asking! ;) It feels pretty silly to post "look at me" pictures. I do want to give a BIG shout out to my talented 7-year old daughter for taking these pictures! So proud of her!



Someone Being Me said...

Wow, I can't believe you are 29 weeks already. It seems like you were just announcing you were pregnant. We are only 4 weeks apart as I hit 33 weeks tomorrow. I completely understand the whole tired but still nesting thing. Weird how that all works.

kel said...

Wow so great that you are getting to use your doctor and things are going so well!

Jennifer said...

you look precious!!

Cindy said...

Oh my goodness I think that is just about the cutest baby bump I have ever seen. Really!

Loni said...

You look beautiful!! :)

Mommy Cracked said...

Look at YOU!!! Oh my gosh, you look terrific!! Glad to hear your appointment went good. The time you have left before the birth is going to just fly on by now!

Martie said...

How did you get that far along already??? That's nuts!

I'm glad all is well! You sure are a cute pregger lady.