Friday, March 27, 2009

The Plan

Well, I started off great with my cleaning schedule.

Then I got tired! :)

Then I had to start the whole laundry cycle again.

Laundry is my nemesis!

Only not as cute as Anakin. (We are working our way through the Star Wars series, remember!)

I keep chanting "a load a day", but it never fails somewhere along the way that a load ends up sitting in a chair. And then another. And then another.

And then we are picking through clean laundry for underwear while dirty laundry taunts me!

Back to cleaning!

Now I know perfectly well that my house is going to get dirty again before the baby comes. But I just feel the need to do that deeper cleaning and organizing anyway.

I am secretly hoping that my husband will let me find someone to do a one-time cleaning right before our trip to the hospital!

I mean what better 10-year anniversary present could we ask for. Me giving him another child and a happy momma with a clean house! :)

So far, this is what I have accomplished:

* Upstairs and Downstairs Bathrooms- the basics plus shiny baseboards and light fixtures, along with clean and organized cabinets and drawers. There is so much nastiness I could talk about when it comes to bathrooms, but not going there!

* Laundry Room- sweep, mop, and organize cabinets. Thankfully, a relative small job!

* Pantry- Just some basic organizing and tossing of old stuff.

* Kitchen- As simple as I tried to keep it, I still stretched this one out over several days. While I didn't go completely crazy and take everything out of the cabinets, I did do a lot of shifting of dishes so I could wipe out the insides. It felt great to throw some old food stuff and meds away and clean off the top of the fridge. I even rearranged a few things so that my cabinets made more sense. I thought they made sense the first time around, but now it is better! For some reason I had 2 officey-type areas in my kitchen, but after rearranging, I now have 1 central "office" location and a whole cabinet shelf for baby stuff!!

* Living Room/Hall/Stairs- The basics along with clean baseboards and window sills!

* Dining Room- The basics plus a little organizing and cleaning the 2 fake trees.

* Office- Just the basics because this is the point that I got tired! I still need to go through papers and junk and do some organizing.

I still have the 3 bedrooms, my hobby room, and the garage on my agenda, but like I said, laundry has invaded again!

We did deal with the yard last weekend. That felt great! It had grown out of control and then the rain made it worse plus kept him from mowing. While he attacked the yard, I actually worked on the 2 flower beds. Nothing fancy, just basically getting all the weeds and junk out. I don't have the energy for planting because just that about killed me!

Then I let the kids "help" me wash the winter grime and spring pollen off all the toys and stuff from the porch. They got to get some water play in and I got clean toys and a clean back porch! We were all happy!

The most fun for me last week was finally ordering my fabric! I can't wait to share once it comes in!



The West's said...

oh my goodness. I'm exhausted just reading your list!

texastanya said...

Wow! You HAVE been busy.

I'd invite you over to do my house, but I think I'd feel pretty guilty having a pregnant woman do all of my work. I could offer you ice cream, though... ;)

And YES, you do deserve to have someone come in for a one-time cleaning before the wee one arrives. Hope you get your wish.

Anonymous said...

You are doing some serious nesting over there. I remember those days!

When I had my last baby, my in-laws came while I was in the hospital and cleaned my house for me. They asked first, of course. :) That was their way of helping out. John's poor mom - she had 3 boys and never did get to be the "mother of the new mom." But she is a good house cleaner! :)

Enjoy your "state of clean." Not much feels better than a clean house and a tended yard. Just in time for spring!

Kimmy said...

Boy, you really are nesting. I wish I had the energy of a pregnant nester.
Okay, now I'm going to ask what some might consider to be a stupid question . . . I hadn't really thought of it before I read this post, but due to your location on the globe, do you continually mow your lawn all year? You see, up here in the great white north where I live, we quit mowing the lawn from about late-September until May (or June, depending on the year), due to the cooler weather (and snow!!!). Just wondering.