Wednesday, March 11, 2009

February 2009

A had to do her first project/report on someone that is her Hero. She chose her Daddy. Here she is reviewing the questions she created for him. I typed them for her but she wrote all his answers.

I had intended to show the finished project, but my only pics of it included our last name in big letters. Just imagine a really cute BRIGHT NEON green poster with her interview and some pics on it! I also recorded her interview with her Daddy. It was cute! Even L made up his own questions, interviewed Daddy, and "wrote" his answers. :)

A few quick shots before heading out the door on the day of his Valentine's party. He refused to let me give him cool hair, but I guess he made up for his with his cheesy grins!!

This was from one of our days at home together. Don't you love the cool man look just chillin' in his robe!

Oh look! Seems he rested up enough to put on his detective visor and hunt down some morning candy! Yikes! Had to snap a few pics before going in for the capture!

Y'all probably get tired of hearing this, but he truly is all about his guitar. I found him "writing" his own music and playing his tune one day!

Where the magic begins!

I am saving his "music sheets"!

Practicing his tune.

The big finish!

A is about to finish with Upward Cheer. I think she enjoyed it, but we will see if she wants to do it next year. Her passions could change by then!



Kimmy said...

Oooh . . . I love the cheerleading outfit! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Writing his own music already?! Prodigy??!!

They are both so cute!