Friday, March 6, 2009

Let's discuss

I will give you several topics to choose from!

* So, I am having an issue. I definitely feel like there is so much I NEED to do to be ready for May. The regular baby-type stuff plus all the stuff that the baby won't care about. Like that all my baseboards have been wiped clean! The cleaning/organizing and my 2 sewing projects are weighing on my mind the most. The problem is that I have been dealing with some motivational decline as well. I know most of it is fatigue related, but it still makes for a problem. So, I need to figure out how to balance my sense of urgency to get things done with my lack of desire to do anything. That should be an easy problem to solve! :)

* I forgot to ask my doctor this question, so this is the next best place to ponder it. I know that when you are pregnant that you can have some vision changes. Should I have my eyes checked and get some glasses for how they are now, knowing it all may change again after my pregnancy? Or, should I just wait the two more months that I have left and go for my vision check then? It is not terrible, but I can totally tell that I am having some vision shifts.

* Poor or rude customer service irks me pretty badly. On Wednesday, I had to take our cable box in for an upgrade because I want to start blocking shows/channels and our box didn't have that feature. While there, the NICE lady replaced my box, talked me through our new free upgrades, and replaced our remote control. Our remote was fine except that many of the buttons were color on color and impossible to see many times. I am sure it has nothing to do with my vision! Unfortunately, I didn't know to ask for a box with a certain plug outlet and had to go back this morning. The IRRITATINGLY RUDE lady got an attitude with me because I wasn't actually on the account and people try to this stuff all the time. NICE lady was right there and explained my situation and I kept my cool and was nice. I even said thank you. Followed by me saying "you're welcome" for her on my way out! URGH!!!

* Arriving at my car after leaving the cable store, I discovered that the car parked beside me held two sweet little children in it with no adult supervision. Little girl, probably around 2, was happily in her car seat in the back. Little man, probably around 4 or 5, was happily munching on a snack in the front seat. What to do?! I knew exactly where the adult was and that the adult was likely on the way out very soon after paying the bill inside. I was a little nervous, but just could not drive away until I knew the adult was back in the car with them. So, I waited and just smiled at the kids. I waited for who I thought was a man, but turned out to be the grandmother. Sorry, but I couldn't tell and there were also hat and sunglasses involved. I very sweetly smiled and and said, "I hope you don't mind that I watched the kids and waited for you to come out.". She was thankful. Then I got really brave for the first time. I basically said that I hoped she wouldn't think I was being nosey or rude, but that the boy was really too young to be in the front seat. I also mentioned that he really should be in a car seat in the back, but in the back at the very least. Again, she was receptive and not offended. She mentioned that he likes to feel like a big boy and that is why she did it. I think I nodded my head. In the end, I tried to keep it light and said that I just didn't want her to get a ticket and that I wanted him to be safe. She thanked me for my concern and we got in our cars. As I drove away, I did notice that she was directing him into the back seat. As many times as I have seen things that make me crazy, I don't remember saying something like I did today. I am really thankful how it turned out. As nice as I tried to be, I had no control of what her reaction could have been. I am so thankful that she accepted what I said and didn't make it an awful situation.

* I have now arrived into a whole different time in my life! One that many of my friends have already experienced. Starting next week, crazy schedule begins for a few months. Cheer practice on Mondays, Girl Scouts every other Tuesday, Softball AND baseball practice on Tuesdays, Church on Wednesdays, Softball practice on Thursdays, Baseball practice on Fridays, Cheer on Saturdays. Thankfully, cheer is only 2 more weeks. But once ball games start, I guess we will have practice one night and game another through May. When we signed them up, I had no idea that it would work the way it does. I thought we were practicing in order to start playing in the summer. That is when I remember playing as a kid. Nope! All practices and games will be over by end of May unless you are on an all-star team for summer. I just take issue with having these kids out on a school night and some not home until after 8 or 9 pm. My kids could have games on a school night at 7:30 pm! Right now, my dtr's cheer practice is from 7-8 and I dislike that very much. Am I wrong to feel this way? Are you laughing at me and saying, "Just you wait!!"?! I have always refused, and will continue to refuse, over-scheduling my kids. This is just one sport for each kid and I am already having anxiety!!

* Not to mention that I am preparing to start Girl Scouts at my daughter's school in the Fall! To answer your question, YES, I am probably crazy!! She is part of a troop already, but I have never felt comfortable with it. The 2 leaders were nice, but I never got good communication or a good sense of organization from them. Now the leader has moved and the assistant leader is even less equipped in those areas. I had toyed with the idea of starting a troop at the beginning of this school year but just didn't feel like I had to time to get equipped and get started. At least this way, I have ample time to get some training and help get some troops organized before the next school year. I also felt that it was important for my daughter (and any other girls) to be involved with troops at their own school.

* Now if I could only figure out how to have enough time to run for President of the PTA and I would feel so much better about things!! No worries, it won't happen this year!

Have a great weekend!


Someone Being Me said...

I've found that it is best not to push yourself to do things when you are really tired. The nesting instinct will just kick in one day and you will get the energy to get some things done. I just do the basics until I have one of those bursts of energy days and use those for the stuff that doesn't have to be done right now.

Jennifer said...

wow, good for you for saying something. I'm glad she was nice about it.

I am totally with you on overscheduling. I love our life right now and the fact that we are not bound by schedules. Thankfully (although if H did like sports we'd do it for him) H isn't into sports so we probably won't have that schedule issue until C gets bigger. I know he'll do things like Cub Scouts, Mad Science, etc....but I'm with you. I hate activities that run late into the night. It's a hard balance.

Cindy said...

Good for you for saying something to that "grandmother". I'm not one for confrontation, but you may have saved that little boy's life.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I'm needing a nap after reading the post! I definitely think you should rest up as much as possible. Once your little dude gets here, you won't be able to. You'll get the really important things done, especially if you start to nest (I only nested with Bug--never did w/ Wog).