Monday, March 9, 2009

Funny Girl and Tough Guy

Since school started, I have tried to be fairly consistent with getting sunscreen on at least my daughter's face before letting her out of the car. She pretty much resisted most of the time. I would give her a break if I knew for sure they would not be outside that day due to weather.

With the return of pretty weather, I made the attempt last week. At first, she was all "yuck", "bleck", etc. After we were done, she did a quick take in the mirror and for some reason the expression on her face changed. She looked at me smiling and said, "Well, it does make my face shiny!".

After she hopped out of the car, I just had to chuckle to myself, thinking "Sister, if you only knew how much money women spend to make their faces not shiny!!".



This past weekend, my husband was out of town, so the kids and I stayed busy.

One of our activities included a early evening movie at the cheap theaters in the next town over. You can't beat a movie, popcorn, and drinks for 3 people for $11! We saw Hotel for Dogs and it was really cute.

Except for the parts I missed because my 4 year old son had to go to the bathroom FOUR TIMES, followed by my daughter one time (and of course, that did not include one of his four times!!). Even pregnant Momma only went once during his many trips! He probably really only had to go a couple of times, but was too excited to get back to the movie to really finish the job which resulted in our multiple trips!


There is one part in the movie where the foster brother and sister have to be separated. It is a little sad. So, I look over at my son and see that he is getting a little weepy. I say, "Hey buddy, are you crying? Are you ok?". To which he sighs a bit and replies, "No, my eyes are just sweating.".

Love him!


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Jennifer said...

so cute! I love the sweet things our kids say!