Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Change is good?

After being "away" for OVER.TWO.WEEKS, my coming back has been met by overload, panic, fear, and extreme writer's block! But like any other good immersion therapy, I am trusting in the theory of just jumping in with both feet. Or hands, if you will!

And I am doing A LOT of trusting in God, too! Although these days, I am sure He just looking at me and shaking His head at my lack of the aforementioned!

Oh man, do I have a lot to say! There have been activities, events, and life that has happened in the midst of my disappearance. I have a lot of catching up to do! The good things is that at least I am all caught up with your lives. It was a little scary even getting back on that train!

But I have a confession. I cheated a bit! I did check in to Google Reader every few days to read and manage Popsugar and Celebrity Baby. They only required quick scanning, no commenting, and allowed me to knock off a lot of posts without commitment!

Before I get back to business, I thought I would poke my toe in the water by doing a few housekeeping things! I will need your help!

1. Blogroll- I know there are lots of opinions, but for my site, do you care if it is there? Do you really click over to read anybody from it? Most of my favs are on my feed reader, so I only go over to read a few people that I can't get to feed to Google Reader. And besides, I have a LOT of people on my reader that are not on my blogroll simply b/c I have not had time to deal with it. I am trying to declutter "house" again and wanted to know. Before you answer, you might take into consideration this....

2. My new role- I am going to start contributing to another website. I am one of many, so don't think I am being all high and mighty. However, I do find it rather exciting and an honor! That being said, I might get an increase in traffic, which in turn means more people might want to click over to see who I like! Once the deal is done, I will give you all the details!

3. Prayer List- It is in desperate need of updating! Do you have any or do you see any changes I need to make?

4. Music- I got technical on y'all and finally added music to my sidebar! The funny thing is, I almost never get to listen to music on anyone else's site b/c I usually read blogs at night and keep the volume off for obvious reasons. I am going to try to listen more to your choices so I can add to mine! As you look at my music list, remember a few things. I am just getting started AND it reveals my varied taste in music! You have been warned! And lastly, please let me know if you start having trouble when you visit here. I hate it when I visit someone and my computer gets locked up b/c their site is too busy or who knows why! If that starts happening to you and we think it is b/c of the playlist, I want to take care of it. I want your visit here to be as easy as possible!

That is about all I can manage for now, but I will leave you with this.


For your kind and encouraging thoughts (whether here or by email), for your insight, for your support, and for your prayers. It has meant so much to me!

Be back soon!

p.s. ok, i have to press the "publish post" button now. why is it so scary?


Jennifer H. said...

So glad you are "back." Even if it is just on here. :-( Miss you!

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Welcome back!!! I've missed you posting.

Ok, yes, I hope you keep the blogroll. I do often click over from blogrolls, because, well, I just don't feel I'm spending quite ENOUGH time perusing other people's blogs. LOL!!!

And congrats on your new role - I'll be looking forward to hearing more about it. Sounds exciting!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

To answer your question, I don't do a lot of clicking around on the blogroll.

I'm like you, I wish I listened to other folks' music, but I keep the computer on mute 'cause there's usually a sleeping Woggie close by!

Can't wait to get the deets on your new gig!

Jennifer said...

Welcome back! And congrats on the new blog contributership. (I realize that is totally not a word!)

As far as the blogroll - I occasionally will click on blogrolls, but I actually read most of the time in bloglines, so I never even see it. I usually only click over to comment! And for the record, your playlist didn't make your blog load any slower for me - and that's a good thing, because that drives me nuts! :>) I usually keep mine muted too, because I don't always care for other people's music and I'm usually listening to something else when I'm reading. (But from what I can see, I actually like your playlist!)

JoLynn Braley said...

Hi Stacey,

I can so relate to you on writer's block, I go through that off and on.

And congratulations on your other blogging gig, sounds like you're really excited about it. :)