Friday, May 16, 2008

Just around the river bend

Please tell me you heard the same thing in your head that I did! If not, then you need to go back and sing it just like Pocahontas!

This is really going to be a post with random things in it, but I always dislike using that term "random". I much prefer "a loose gathering of thoughts"!

I got all the fabulous pictures back from my daughter's slumber party! And while I can't show you most of them, I bet the ones I can show you will help you understand what the rest look like.

Our craft center

Our glamour center

The fashion runway

Our game (or a great shot of my ivy plant!)

Not my daughter, but another cutie whose face is not showing. But a mother always knows! ;)

Story time

And just so my little man won't feel left out.....

Last month, he was so proud of himself for finishing this puzzle all by himself!

And Mommy was so proud that he can write his name! Looks like a "K" to me!

I forgot to mention in my "green" story yesterday about my precursor two weeks ago today. I did my first 7-day detox cleansing. If you know what I mean! I tried Arbonne's new one and was very pleased with the results. It made thinking about green smoothies seem like a really good next step. Now I just need to convince my husband how good it would be for him. Maybe I should relate it to making sure the oil in our cars is changed regularly!

Last, and least enjoyable, I am going to disappear for awhile. For sure all next week and maybe even the next one as well. Next week, I won't even be visiting anyone. WHICH WILL BE VERY VERY HARD! You guys probably don't even know how much you mean to me and to miss out for that long will be difficult. I may trickle back to my Google Reader week after next, but the road will no doubt be a long one!

So here is the deal. I am not really going to talk about it right now, but I will say this. Starting tomorrow, the next couple of weeks will be quite emotionally challenging for me and I will need your prayers. So you won't worry, please know, nothing of tragic proportions is occurring. However it is of difficult life-changing proportions. To me at least. And while we are on the subject of me, I have several people in my life that are going through some very difficult times themselves. So just know that a prayer for me is likely a prayer for them too. I like to think God works that way when you can't really share the details!

I am forever grateful!

Now, just where is that river bend, anyway?! ;)



K in the Mirror said...

Yup, I sang the title. :)

So looking forward to meeting you tomorrow! And I'll be praying for your next few weeks- I know it will be hard on you but you'll get through it!

Jenmomof4 said...

I started singing the minute I read your title!

It looks like you had fun at the birthday party!

I hope this week goes well for you!! YOu are in my prayers1

Cyndy said...

Looked like the party was a hugh success. Glad you survived all the laughing and screaming the girls did! You ARE a survivor! And I know you will survive the next couple of weeks, or even month ahead. I'll be looking forward to you getting back to your blogging! My prayers are with you and your family!!!!!!
P.S. Have a GREAT weekend!!

Jennifer said...

Looks like the party was definitely awesome!!

OK, you can't expect me not to be concerned with you ending your post like that! At least you did say it wasn't something tragic. That doesn't help much, but at least it does a little! I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I hope everything goes better than you are anticipating.
Know you will be missed! And I look forward to your return!

Kristen's Raw said...

Your daughter is so beautiful!

Green Smoothies...I imagine when your husband sees you loving them and the healthy results he'll witness in you, he won't be able to help but be intrigued :)


Rachel said...

Now, Now, you are going to be just fine. God knows your heart, he knows your needs, trust in him & he will give you strength.
You are truely blessed!
Always in my prays,

Jennifer said...

saying big prayers for you!!

kel said...

I sang the title as soon as I saw it too.
Hope things are going okay.
Thoughts and prayers.

texastanya said...

Hugs and prayers for you and yours.
Hope all is well. :)

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Thanks so much for your encouraging words! I want to look for that book by Lisa Bevere too. Fat chance I'll find it here! It will have to be on my list for when I visit the States. Maybe I won't need it by then!!

Looking forward to hearing more from you. I know you are going through some stuff and just remember that we've got God with us!

Anonymous said...

In response to your question here recently about dance...

My oldest daughter took an extended "break" from dancing from age 5 til age 12! She did not like recitals, basically. She started being interested again around age 10-11, but I said no for another year because I wanted to make sure she really meant it before I invested the time and money in it.
Anyway, she went back LAST year, and just took one jazz class, and did it again this year (ballet is hard to come back to, I'm afraid...). Last year's recital was difficult - she was a mess, emotionally! As predicted. But she danced well and had fun (after it was all over, it was "so fun!" Good grief!). This year she had a ball and we're adding a class next year.

So, I would say if she wants to take a break it probably wouldn't hurt. I tend to encourage them to pick something and stick with it until they have developed the skill well, rather than skipping around. But then again, I'm not excited about wasting time, gas, and money. :) Claire has stuck with it because she totally loves ballet - and I can see the benefit, especially now. Different kids have different needs. You will know how much to push her and why and when and all that as it comes, I think.

I like to think of dance as a social and physical outlet. The chances of them doing much with it as adults are slim to none - but it will be helpful to them on a social and physical level for years, helping make them who they become, you know? Just like anything else...
So overall I'd say have fun. :) Since you asked. ;)