Wednesday, May 7, 2008

She came before the fame!

My niece celebrated turning 6 last month and we got to enjoy the festivities!

See that huge balloon? It sings-over and over-whether you touch it or the wind blows it! And it was windy that day!

There is a whole lot of punch packed in those two little pigtail popouts! She is sassy and smart and full of creativity just like her cousin! Can you tell?!!

This was the excitement of the party! The spinning tire at the park. And, oh how they spun and spun and spun! My dtr probably did it 15 times!

I loved capturing this amazing boy hard at work!

She is hiding and I am seeking!

His seal of approval for the tire swing!

The boys! It has been fun to watch them grow and change together!

The girls! They love to be together!

And this is what happens on round 16 of the spinning tire swing. See that pitiful looking creature in the back? She skipped the cake and presents because she was white as a ghost and on the verge of puking! She recovered and still loves to spin to this day!

And for fun, I will throw in the good news! We are getting a new cousin in September! Yea! A sweet baby girl! Everyone, but especially the girls, is excited!



kel said...

Looks like super fun!

Jenna said...

You have been so busy lately!! Those are great pictures, your kids are super cute! You are super brave to host a houseful of girls :) I can't even imagine what that is like!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Oh GOOD TIMES!!! You always have so many great pictures of fun to share!