Tuesday, May 6, 2008

too tired for cute title

It's been a day!

It actually started last night when I fell asleep while laying down with the kids. I awoke at 11 PM, but dozed off again, only to wake up at 6:20 AM this morning.

OH NO, WAIT, make that 7:20 AM!

Yep, the clock was wrong for some reason. That left me about 30 minutes to get myself and my kids ready and out the door. Plus we were in the middle of a morning thunderstorm.

OK, no problem, it could be done.

OH NO, WAIT, was that the electricity that just went out?!

Can I just please go back to bed?

We did get out the door after our flashlight adventure, searching for umbrellas for 10 minutes, and carrying stuff and kids out to the car while getting wet.

It was NOT going to be a good hair day!

And still without coffee, I start my commute to work.

OH, NO WAIT, that's right, people lose their sensibility about driving when it rains around here!

I finally swing through McD's and try to order a little protein and a lot of caffeine and then start my day at work.

After picking up the kids, we head over to hang out with my friend's kids so she could go watch her brother getting sworn in as a new lawyer and take him out to dinner. We had fun. We would have had more fun, but this mommy was dog tired and feeling a little greasy!

I finally got home and got my own kids settled and asleep. The home recovery will just have to wait until tomorrow! I am beat!

But before I go, I have to mention 2 things that have been on my mind and bugging me.

1. Can someone PLEASE tell Katie and Tom to get 2-year old Suri a sippy cup! Seeing her carry around those bottles all the time is driving me nuts!


2. WOULD someone PLEASE PLEASE tell all the super star pregnant ladies to STOP, JUST STOP, THE MOO MOO MADNESS! I CAN'T STAND IT! They look awful no matter how many rhinestones or cute halter tops you put on them. It is seriously driving me nuts. I am all about comfort when one is pregnant, but there is a better way. They are completely AWFUL!

OK, I feel better now!

Come back tomorrow and I will try to have something, anything better for you than today!


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