Thursday, May 8, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Since I can't share actual action shots of the big party, I thought I would at least try to create some visual images of the evening. It would be more effective if I could add the audio like I wanted, but our video camera wires are being troublesome as well.

For various reasons, I really wanted my daughter to have a special way to end Kindergarten, as well as celebrate with all her girlfriends. I totally realize that most of these early friendships will fade over time, but for now, they are real. And really important! And on top of that, I feel very strongly about my girlfriends and want to instill in my daughter the importance of those relationships.

Sooooooooo, we decided on a slumber party. For 8 little girls! Then I decided to add the 2 first grade girls because all of these girls are together so much at school. Sadly, 1 little girl could not even make the party and then most of the girls could not spend the night. As it turns out, 99% of the fun stuff took place between 6:30 and 10:00 PM, so no one had to miss out! And this momma only had 3 sweet girls (mine plus 2) to manage overnight and the next morning!

I had a great time planning it and I also had some wonderful helpers! My friend's 11and 13-year old daughters, along with one of the moms stayed for the evening.


6:30- Girls arrive. Screaming starts! Most of the girls were there by 6:45 and we started out with a preview of the evening's events.

6:45 until 10:00- Lots of screaming! OK, OK, we ( I mean "they") did more than that. Just imagine a lot of screaming mixed in!

We started by letting the girls serve themselves little sausages and cheese cubes with fancy toothpicks just like grown ups do. (Scream) They also enjoyed making their own fruit kabobs which they could decorate with various toppings available. (Scream) They took great pleasure in the food as they sipped pink lemonade and listened to fun Christian music.

Next on the agenda was glamour and craft! I had set up various stations, including hair, make-up, nails, and stick-on body jewelry. (Scream) The other station was where they could decorate their own visor with tons of cute stick on shapes. (Scream) The girls did really well working their way through the stations and demonstrating great patience as they waited on us to finish up with each friend before them. We took lots of pictures and even let them do an impromptu fashion runway walk! (Scream) They all looked marvelous, darling!

One of the funniest (and not so funny) episodes during this part was their insistence on having their noses "pierced". Oh dear! I just knew I would be blacklisted if this got back to the moms! Luckily, the other mom and I made a BIG deal about how real nose piercing HURTS BAD AND THEY USE BIG NEEDLES! Hopefully, they will settle for the little purple stick on dots for a long time to come!

Next, we played a fun game of Pin the Purse on Polly! (Scream) All the girls did great!

As the sun started setting, all the girls put on pj's (if they had them) and grabbed their pillows and blankets to settle down for a good chick flick~ Barbie, Island Princess. Of course!

Most of the girls left around 10:00 PM, leaving 2 little darlings to spend the night with my dtr. They quickly brushed their teeth and jumped into her full size bed to read and talk. I did all the loud clean up while they were still awake! I would have waited and just rested, but I had family coming in around 2 the next day! And besides, I had to take advantage of my son being out of the house to get it all done!

A couple of side stories~

As I was sweeping, I kept my ears open to listen in on the girls. At one point, it was a little quieter and I found them all snuggled in the bed together talking. As I walked back around the corner to continue sweeping, I heard one of them say, "Ok, now I am going to tell you some things about first grade that you might be interested in. I mean, you might not be interested, but in case you are.".

Well, I was interested, so I plopped down on the stairs next to her room to learn me some first grade 411! My dtr did say, "Oh, I am interested." Her friend proceeded to say, "Well, in first grade, we studied a real frog and saw the inside of it." My dtr quickly jumped in with, "Oh, I don't think I am interested."! However it was too late, as the other little girl continued on with how they saw the stomach and heart and brain. Followed by lots of ewww's and yuck's from the kindergarten girls! They continued on with comments like, "I didn't know frogs had brains."

See ladies, maybe that is the problem once we kiss them and they turn into a prince!

Amazingly, all three slept soundly throughout the night.

My son is another story!

My poor friend had to call me at 4:00 AM so he could talk to me through sniffles. Apparently, he went right back to bed after that and we found out later that a "dinosaur opened the door and scared him". Which makes sense-the boys he spent the night with have 2 huge dinosaurs painted on their walls! Otherwise, he had a great time at his own first sleepover!

The next morning, the girls enjoyed sausage and waffles before they played and were picked up.

The word on the playground is that all the girls really enjoyed the party! I am so glad! I love doing that kind of stuff and I hope that it allows my dtr and I to create some really fun memories together!


p.s. Here was the poem that was part of the invitation!

Can you believe,
We're almost done?
This year went fast!
Boy, it was fun!

We learned so much.
We're rockin' smart!
Reading, Math,
Spanish, and Art!

Before the year comes to a close,
It's time for a party, I do suppose!
The sleep-over kind with all my girls.
We'll eat & giggle & sing & twirl!

And when the night comes to an end,
We'll rest our heads next to a friend.
Whispering wishes and little prayers,
Thanking God for the blessings of our past year.


Lani ~ The Wooden Porch said...

That party sounds so, so cute! I've yet to experience Belle's first sleep over.

Cyndy said...

Sounds like a great party. I bet you're still trying to recover.

I like the poem on the invitation. Did you write it?


Anonymous said...

Little girls are so much fun. Once I heard a mom say she couldn't stand the giggles - it was like nails on chalkboard to her. Of course, I was appalled! What kind of hard-hearted person can resist little girly giggles? And screams? :)

Take lots of pics - you'll look at them lots one day like we do over here.

You did a great job!

Jennifer said...

That sounds like a fantastic party! One your daughter (and the other girls) will always remember. I can't wait to have those kind of parties for my daughter!