Monday, June 30, 2008

God Bless Lee Greenwood

There is a big Celebrate America shindig every year the Sunday before July 4th. With bounce houses, jump slides, music, food, and fireworks available, I knew the kids would enjoy the event.

I got a little nervous yesterday morning though. On Saturday night, we had winds over 40 mph along with torrential rain. The wind slowed down, but the rain continued at a slower pace all night and until about 11 the next morning.

At least we wouldn't have to worry about potential firecracker residue fires.

Too bad I didn't think about the potential muddy shoe fiasco.

We didn't even pull up until around 7:15, but you could tell people had been milling around since probably around 5.

The kids enjoyed the playground and bounce house before they spotted the food. Most of the grass was soooo wet, that you really couldn't help squishing mud between your toes with almost every step.

A hot dog, nachos, and two snow cones in hand, we settled on the top row of a back bleacher. The event was held (as it is every year) on the grounds of a local church in town. The kids did pretty well sitting through two comedians, the color guard, and all the intro into the fireworks. There were several bands that played before that.

Although, I was probably asked 14 gazillion times when the fireworks were going to start.

A side note: The headliner comedian was Kerrie Pomerelia. She was funny and I will probably go check out her website. She is married to another comedian, Ron. You will know him when you see him. Poor guy, I thought he was funny, but his humor was lost on the crowd.

The fireworks were good and it was so funny to hear my kids go "OH MY GOODNESS!" and "WOW!" and "AHHHH!" and "COOL!" over and over and over! We had the best spot to see the display as they were right over our heads. My hands were full, so I didn't take any pics. But their faces were beautiful under the fireworks' sparkle!

We will likely find some more fireworks shows later this week, but this was a good start.

And I was reminded of some good music I want to add to my sidebar. I forgot how much I like Toby Keith. And really, who can resist giving The Boss and Neil Diamond a little American love on their blog!

But man, that Lee Greenwood, he knew what he was doing by recording his all-American song. I don't even have to tell you which one because I know you are singing it in your head right.this.minute!! :) He has July 4th wrapped around his finger.

Now don't forget to be good little boys and girls this week!

The Firecracker Fairy is watching!!



kel said...

I seem to always leave your blog with a song in my

Cyndy said...

I love watching a good fireworks display!!! When the kids were little, we lived near the football stadium and that's where the city would shoot off the fireworks. We had the best show in the house right in our own backyard! We always had people over and made homemade ice cream. It was great! This year we'll be at the lake on the fourth, so I'm looking forward to seeing the fireworks over the lake. Should be awesome!
P.S. Sorry you had such a bad ordeal with your new hairdresser!

Jennifer said...

when you have a minute, email me the firecracker fairy thing you do. I can't remember now.