Thursday, June 19, 2008

Splash O Rama

I am still playing lots of catch up, so remember these pics are from his last week of school!

These are the 4 boys in the class, which was also made up of 9 girls. Hmmmm, who do think got in more trouble!

The teachers had set up these fun little games, as well as splash pools. These pics are funny to me, even more so since I was there to see it. The kids did not really get the games, so it was funny to watch. Part of the problem was that there was a large swimming pool still out on the grounds from a church activity that previous weekend. The kids did not really understand why they were not going "swimming"!

Oh well, they ended up having a great time anyway!

Over the years, all their activities were always on T/Th, so I usually missed them. I loved that Splash Day was on a Monday so I could watch!

Happy Splashing!


Anonymous said...

I can only imagine the confusion... "what? no pool? what's up, mom?" :) Looks like they got over it, though -
it also looks rather hot.

When we were "home" this past weekend, my husband and brother-in-law snuck out of the house at one point and filled up 2 dozen water balloons to ambush the kids. As you can imagine, it was a huge hit, and then when Papa got home from the store, they all ambushed HIM!

And then I forgot to blog it. My husband reprimanded me on that one... :)

Glad you didn't miss YOUR splash party, at least!!

Cyndy said...

I'm so glad Luke had a great birthday! Also glad you were able to attend the splash day.

Guess you're all unpacked and getting settled in.

As far as that electric pressure cooker, just go over to QVC and order you one. It's my favorite way of cooking.