Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Who knew....

that in FOUR short years, you would be

suffering from imaginary injuries requiring band-aids on an almost daily basis

sporting black eyes and head injuries from your wild antics (sometimes all in the same day like these!)

growing grape juice goatees at such a young age

checking for the first sign of "real" body hair because you are fascinated by Daddy's

working the tattoos for the ladies

running your own race track

(don't you love watching sweet little boy hands while they play with their trucks!)

putting on your own rock concerts with your "band"

and charming all the ladies in your life!

FOUR short years ago TODAY, we simply felt blessed to have you join our family!

Your body may be bigger, but you will always be my baby!

HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY little man!

We love you!



Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to your little guy! Great pics - but I LOVE the close up of those sweet little toes!!!!

Martie said...

Ahhh, he and Delany are the same age! Don't you just love 4?? He is sooo cute. I love all the pictures