Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone!

Yes, I know.

I am the title master!

Not really, but I made you finish the song in your head, and at the same time described the day almost perfectly!

Several months ago, I had started the planning to have my son's birthday party at my in-laws house. I knew we would already be there and that my kid's would not have any new friends yet. Oh, and we would already be missing terribly our friends!

My in-laws have a larger property with a pond and lots of room to explore. They are always opening their home for other events and they were just as gracious for us and our friends. Several months ago, I let a few families know so they could be planning the trip.

I planned an all-day, multi-activity kind of day which also included lots of food! I really wanted to make the trip worth it for our friends.

The best part was that one family came down Friday night and stayed with us, while the other family stayed over on Saturday night! The kids got extra time together and I got some special time with each of my girlfriends. As I have already told them, they were the best kind of medicine!

(Jenn- We MISSED MISSED y'all! I hope you guys are having a safe road trip!!)

Now, of course anytime you plan an event of this kind that far ahead, you can only hope and pray for good weather! In June, my vision of good weather would be a light rain shower in the early morning and cooler temperatures throughout the day!

But then again, we are in Texas!! You never know!

Which is why, the HEAVY RAIN SHOWERS that started early that morning did not stress me much. That is until they kept coming and coming. All I could envision was 16 people (8 of those being kids!) trapped in my in-laws house all day!

But as you will see from the pictures, the rain did stop. And actually, right when it should have! While it was still warm that day, it so much more comfortable than it could have been!

I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking! (Well, I might talk just a little!)

This was our reason for the big event! My little man was turning 4!

The cake turned out so super cute! I was a little nervous because I was able to access my normal cake people-my sister or the other local lady I had always used! But when I saw the creations of this lady, I knew! And just know, this was one of her simple creations!

You can see how wet the ground was! It was so close to lunch time, that we sent the men and the kids out while we got all the food prepped. They had enjoyed riding bikes and little motor vehicles, or playing with Jake the puppy. NO, it is not our puppy!

This picture cracks me up!

We came in for lunch and enjoyed lots of good food!

All the kids were full of antics that day! Even the littlest ones!

An aspiring model?

We decided to open presents next. We wanted to let the ground dry a bit more, plus we knew there was a certain present that needed to be opened prior to fishing!

Fun Lego cars!

Water guns!

THE Pitching Machine! He had seen one similar on TV and had not stopped talking about it!

Mom's favs! Crayola Color Wonder (no mess!) and a new game for his ClickStart.

Water slide!

LOTS of clothes! I used some money he had received to get him some new summer outfits, PJ's, socks, underwear, and the revered Spiderman cap! During the week, he also got to go shopping for himself with his new wallet from Daddy and some other money he had received. He is so proud of his flip flops, new puzzle, and new bat and ball!

Here he is opening his Rocket Rod Fishing Pole. He turned his back so he could see what it was first! After that, the fishing was on!

The Crew!

This was his preferred cap position! Oh my!

We did lots of fishing! Well, some of us! I did lots of picture-taking! In case you had not figured that out yet! :) I love all these pics. I won't explain them all, but I feel like they tell such great stories!

S. brought some super bait and was catching fish about every 2 minutes!

She is my heroine! Bleck-slimey fish!

The older twins had never been fishing, so we were laughing at their awe of the tacklebox!

There was lots of bug catching! At one point, the kids were getting restless, so we made up a nature scavenger hunt for them.

The kids actually got to use many of his presents, including the waterguns, waterslide, and the pitching machine!

I am obligated to show you this picture! You know, in case you are a baseball scout! I was informed that he has perfect hitting form in this picture. Ahem!

We ended the day as we started it...with food!

WOW, it was an awesome day! Now you know why we were all so tired! I am so grateful for our friends making the trip and my in-laws for opening their home.

It was a GREAT day!


p.s. There is another story to match my title, but I will save it for later! ;)


Someone Being Me said...

Looks like it turned out to be an amazing day. One thing I love about the Texas weather is that if you don't like it wait a minute it will change.

Jennifer H. said...

I am so bummed we missed it! Looks like you all had so much fun! Tell Luke "Good job!" hitting that baseball! Way to make us proud!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday L, the party looks great. And the scenery looks beautiful. I love East Texas so much!!

Anonymous said...

Now, THAT is what I call a birthday party!


Kimmy said...

Looks like a lot of FUN!!!

How far away did you move from your previous home? To another town/city or just to another neighborhood in the same town/city?

Just wondering.

Have a great rest of the week.

kel said...

Looks like fun. I was wondering how those fishing rods were.