Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ok everyone, I want you to take a deep breath!

I spoke several weeks ago about our family's relative health this season.


I also mentioned my potential oncoming sinus infection with no time for a doctor visit, much less getting sick in general.

So I thought I would share with everyone exactly what works for me.

The NetiPot!

Many of you know of it or already have a special relationship with it!

I first learned of it from our friend, Dr. Oz, when I caught a repeat of the show where a gal from Texas embarassed herself in front of millions of people by giving us a demonstration!

I will admit that I was faithful for a few times, feeling the difference when I did use it. However, like many desires of a busy mommy, my time with Neti got less and less even if I did feel a tad stuffy. I had wanted to be a daily user to prevent all that is evil in my sinuses, but it just did not happen.

When I started feeling bad a few weeks ago, I dusted it off and stayed faithful for almost a week.

I promise you it made all the difference! No sinus infection and a clearer head! But I still think I should use it several times a week for maintenance. And just so you will know I am all about keeping it real- It can be a little uncomfortable, especially the first few times. You might find yourself fighting the urge to come up for air from time to time. You will think your eyes are going to float out of your head if you don't do it right. And you MUST keep breathing!!

No, I won't be offering tutorials.

You can go here and paint your own mental image of what I might look like in the bathroom mirror as I become one with my Neti!

Just think of me with better hair!

Well, actually, I look nothing like that girl except I DO have better hair!

It works for me! Now head over here for more great WFMW ideas! She is hosting while the regular hostess is out of the country.



Jennifer said...

OK, so the one I described to you earlier is almost the exact same thing. The way my hubby described the Neti to me sounded different, but it's really not so much. And I did it earlier tonight, and it really did seem to help. I will be doing it again in the morning though - I definitely deal with this sinus crud far too much, and I'm tired of it and this sounds like the ticket! And it was MUCH easier than I expected it to be!

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Um. Ok. I don't think I can go for this, so fortunately I don't have sinus problems. But I do love Dr. Oz, so I'm sure that it works great.

But I think the model's hair was pretty nice, so you must have great hair!!

Susan said...

The idea is to keeping your sinuses clean is a great one! You can do this with salt water in the nose up one nostril and blowing it out the other nostril. And also brushing the roof of your mouth. I kid you not, someone told me that and I have very few problems now.

Someone Being Me said...

I really need to get one of these. I keep hearing about them but I guess I am a little afraid of it. I have horrible sinus infections and allergies and this sounds like the perfect thing. Thanks for sharing although photographic evidence would have been funny and you could have combined WFMW with Wordless Wednesday.

The Stepford Wife said...

I just had to tell you...

About a month ago, I had a nasty nasal infection. My doctor didn't give me antibiotics because I'm sensitive to them, and they create more misery than miracles. So he prescribed for me a nasal-irrigator. Basically, the Nettipot. I'd seen the Nettipot video, so I knew what he wanted me to do and I was so grossed out. But as always, true misery does lead to a more open mind... And I gave it a shot.

Holy cow, I'm an incredible believer now. I've worked into my morning routine, so it's just as normal for me as brushing my teeth. Not only did it cure my sinus infection, but it treats my allergies, has fought off colds, and completely cleared my night-time congestion. The allergy thing is huge for me, since I'm TTC and I can't take meds.

I can testify, just like you, the thing is a wonder. I love it!

ttelroc said...

I first learned about the neti pot from an episode of "Six Feet Under" of all places lol But anyway, I have also just recently started using it. I think the tickle that goes up my nose when I use the neti pot is the thing that gives me the shivers. I almost want to laugh each time I use it. To me it isn't gross at all. It's like using a nasal spray. We'd probably all have better health if we used this product a few times a week.

Have A Great Day!
**Psst. I'm #201 this week. :)