Friday, February 1, 2008

Circus Act!

Since my life feels like a circus right now, you have the privilege of receiving my thoughts in merry-go-round fashion!

I hope you are not prone to motion sickness!

* Friday Fuzzies will be periodic until I can my act together and organize a few posts with new people to visit!

* L recovered from his fever last week. It took about two days of come and go fever, but otherwise, no other symptoms. PTL! Seriously! Thanks for all your good thoughts!

* At work, several therapists were out sick for a few days last week. Many children have either been gone due to illness or they have graciously come to therapy and shared! We finally re-emphasized to all the parents our guidelines for children being sick and therapy.

* And yes, I felt mine own version coming on Wednesday night in nasal form. I am always fearful of the dreaded sinus infection, so I got to work Thursday morning to stop it in its tracks! I did the always-glamourous neti pot and added a little colloidal silver just for safe measure! So far, after 2 days, I still feel some pressure but I think I am on the right track to not getting full-blown sick!

* I really can't afford to be sick because I have serious business to take care of this weekend. My girls and I are headed out of town to join many other ladies from church for our Winter Ladies Retreat!! It is always planned around Canton weekend (huge indoor/outdoor flea market!) and free time is specifically planned so those that want to can head over to do a little shopping! The best girls and I are headed out a bit early today to catch some shopping on Friday afternoon before the retreat starts. Most of them are doing the cattle drive on Saturday which limits our shopping time tomorrow.

* But just so you know, we really do go to retreat and spend time wrapping ourselves in God's grace as we remember why we are here. This is always the best retreat of the year and our coordinator will start planning the day after this one is over. She always does! I will give you a post-retreat review upon my return!

* Just one more thing about shopping :) If you live in the DFW area, than you probably know of the wonderfulness of Canton! I love it and used to go much more frequently than I do now since having two kids. I am the outdoor "junk" gal. I love to look indoors at all the vendors, but my favorite part is finding great treasures outside that I can make beautiful for cheap! We are expecting decent weather which thrills me! Rain and Canton stink!

* Shopping aside :), I am totally sacrificing for God this weekend since finding out he will be performing in town Saturday night! Ok, just kidding about the sacrifice thing, but I would so love to have gone to the concert! And on another note, I am about to make this my theme song to my family!

* Ok, now about the Bloggy Giveaway-Winter 2008! I think after 5 days, I have done all I can do in hopes of winning something. There are 900+ giveaways and it wouldn't surprise me if I managed to enter at least 700+ of them!! If you look at all the giveaways/carnivals I have done since last March, I am probably 50/50 on winning something. After the dust has settled on this one, I am going to take inventory and let everyone know the results for me!

* If you were one of the 300+ people who entered my giveaway of this, wow, you have made my job of picking ONE winner very, very difficult! It always pains me to pick whether it is one winner or multiple winners. Which is exactly why I usually add more surprise prizes when I announce! I guess we will see for this time! Since I will be out of town until Sunday afternoon, feel free to enter until I get back! I will work on the winner announcement Sunday evening and it will probably be posted after 10 pm. Sorry to be vague, but I am sure being gone all weekend will find me with lots of love to give when I get back. To the family and the house!

* Now for something a little more interesting, and spicey, go here! (the post is not up yet, but it will be soon and you won't want to miss it!)

Have a wonderful weekend!


kel said...

Have a wonderful weekend.
We love going to Canton, it has been about a year since we have been there.

kel said...

Have a wonderful weekend.
We love going to Canton, it has been about a year since we have been there.