Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Today is National Pancake Day over at IHOP!

For each donation you make, you are welcome to order a free short stack of pancakes! IHOP is raising money for Children's Miracle Network in 2008 and they need our support.

And we need pancakes, right?!!

My kids love going out to eat, and I think we have conditioned them too much for it without emphasizing what a privilege it is to eat at places other than home. We really DON'T do it all the time, but probably more than we should lately.

When I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to treat them to a pancake resturant the next night for dinner, my daughter said, "But I want to go to a real resturant!".

It is not like we don't have breakfast for dinner on occasion, so I think she is just in a complaining mood!

I need to keep teaching that girl about FREE!

AND about helping others!

Won't you join us?


p.s. Just click on the link to read more and find a location near you!


Amy said...

What a neat idea. Too bad we don't have an IHOP close!

kel said...

Ugh I miss the good stuff when I don't check blogs till night time.