Monday, February 18, 2008

Yellow diamond road sign saying, "Warning-Large Random Curve Ahead!"

Because that is what you are getting!

True, I could save a few things for next week. Or the next. But by then, it won't feel fresh, new, or cutting-edge. I want you to feel like you are right there (or been there!) with me!

* Last Wednesday, the kids and I made our weekly trek to the library. I usually go to the larger one during off-peak hours. My kids can be a little more free to roam, all the while I can see them from most locations. They pick out a few movies and books, play with the animal puppets, then I let them have some computer time while I look at magazines. This week we headed to the older branch. I like their story time but the rest of the library is, well, lacking in all areas. The kids don't mind and they always enjoy the stories and crafts.

* And lucky for me, I got to meet the mom of one of my son's classmates. You see, on my days off, you will often find me looking like a candidate for What Not To Wear. Casual mommy clothes, a baseball cap, tennis shoes or flip flops, and no make-up. While most days, I try to pull off the polished look (sometimes even on my off days, I try for a polished slacker look!), other days, I am seriously lacking! As you can guess, I was at my finest. Not to mention the 3rd child I was birthing on my upper lip in the form of a vicious cold sore! But I have to say, she was so precious and down-to-earth. She only looked away from hideous site a few times. No really, we chatted while the kids roamed and even exchanged numbers. We got a good laugh when we realized that we are both OT's!

* After the library, I bribed my kids with a special snack if they would let me run into the resale shop. All clothes are 99 cents in February! They did great and I walked out with 11 items for them. I think I will check back next week to see if anything new has arrived!

* We successfully made it through another "sweet" holiday. Of course, the kids were most excited about their school Valentine's parties last Thursday. We had decorated their boxes the Sunday before AND prepared all the cards for their classmates. My daughter enjoyed the process and my son surprised me with his unusual patience for the task. He even started each one for me by making the "L" for his name! They woke up on Heart Day to find a few surprises-a shirt for him and a headband for her.

I took him away from his cars!

Now that is a boy who loves his Momma!

She is better than chocolate!

I was so glad she liked her headband. You never know with these 6 year olds!

Is there anything better?!

Their works of art!

* I headed to the doctor on Friday because whatever I got rid of was coming back. I really thought I might have at least a slight infection I missed in my sinuses plus one of my ears was kinda achy. Nada! The PA was great and he encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing plus try a few other things. Then when I got home, my other "doctor" advised me to be on my deathbed next time I went in for an appointment so we don't eat up our HSA too soon! In hindsight, I should have waited it out a bit longer but I hate that heavy feeling in my head. The weather has been CRAZY around here, which is likely the worst culprit; warm and breezy, cold, rain, cold, etc!

* On Saturday, I worked a bit. We were supposed to drop our kids off at coop that night, but my dear friend Jenn was dealing with the merry-go-round of flu. First, her husband and son then her daughter. I am thinking she will be down for the count by Monday if she is not already! Get well soon!!

* So instead, we entertained the kids ourselves before putting them to bed so we could get our taxes out of the way. OOOOOOOO fun! The whole process with my husband cracks me up. He just wants to get it done, as simple as possible, and create minimal opportunities for us to be audited. Me? I am all about the deductions baby! We have even received money back the last few years because of the all the deductions I have worked out. And no, we are not the kind that let the government babysit our money just so we can get a big "refund" back around tax time. Anyway, we did have to pay a little bit this year due to some income increases/blessings, but it was WAY less thanks to who?!

* And finally, I am happy to report that our new Weight-Loss Warriors started last week at church and this week's weigh-ins were encouraging! I lost 1 pound! The winner lost 6 pounds and that is so exciting! There were other great losses in between!

Oh, one more thi....just kidding!



kel said...

sounds busy!
The headband and tshirt were so cute.

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

YAY for your weight-loss success! And your children are so, so, so gorgeous. Sounds like a busy week!

The West's said...

again, all to familiar... busy busy busy!