Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm convinced-Money is a woman!

Their powers of persuasion are just too alike not to be that way!

I had been down several months about my expanding waistline, despite my best eating efforts. Metabolism can be such a wicked step-sister! I had even gone as far as starting to RUN (so not me) just to make a difference.

Not only did I fall off all the wagons, I got lost on the trail.

It is amazing what a little $$$ will do to persuade a person to fill in the rest-whatever!

I still have 2 more days before our next weigh-in but I think it has been a fairly good first week. I won't go into details about how much weight I may or may not have lost since some of my competition frequents here :), but here is a sketch of how it has gone.

Eating- portion control, better food choices, not eating after 8pm. I did have some queso and 3 flour tortillas on Wednesday, but I only ate a specific amount of queso. Ok, I did also eating about 20 MM's that day too, but it is that time and a girl can only have so much self-control when her body is screaming.

Drinking- oh, how I wanted too! Wait, not that kind of drink! Seriously, lots more water and lots of cherry/pomegranate green tea. I still need to do better here. I even suffered through less junk in coffee :( I actually measured out how much creamer, chocolate, and cinnamon I put in-drats!

Supplements- much better this week. I done most mornings and few evenings.

Exercise- So, that is how people lose weight! The kids and I have worked out with Billy Blanks twice, I took a couple of walks, did sit-ups, push-ups. But the best was the tae bo-like moves and lunges I did for the world while the kids rode their bikes in the circle drive. Whatever it takes, right? But let me just say, that sitting and moving on my dierre was quite unpleasant starting around 5pm yesterday! Seriously, can 20 lunges for each leg make that much damage! Ouch!

Sleep- I am trying. Really, I am! I have gone to bed at 11:30 once, 12 twice (ok, OK, maybe one night it was 12:05, but it is entirely YOUR fault! More on that another time!), and even snuck in a 10:30 pm to 7 am in there. Wow, rest-what a novel idea!

Two more days left in Week 1 of our 12-week challenge! I will update you on my progress on Monday.

Oh, and, just in case some of you are considering a reference to money also being the root of all evil....

as my 5 year old says,

"Don't even think about it!"

We women have to stick together!



kel said...

Good job. I am working on it too. I was so excited I have lost 14 pounds but it has taken me two months to do it. A friend of ours commented about how he could tell. My husband wihtout thinking said "really I can't" then before i could fully pierce him with the death stare he started in with "because i am around you all the time and your always beutiful"///uhhuh he better back that up. Anyway good luck!!!

Jennifer said...

You can do it!!