Thursday, August 23, 2007

Foolish Games

I have heard about these things, but honestly have never received an email or phone contact before where I had to deal with this situation.

I received this email today.

It saddens me to think so many are destroyed by the cold-hearted scams of others.

The only reason I post this letter is to make you aware if you ever receive something like this.

Although I believe each and every one of my readers are extremely intelligent and would not fall for this type of scam, it never hurts to inform.



From Mrs. Doris Bello Abidjan Ivory Coast


My name is Mrs. Doris Bello. I am a widow and a mother with a son. I know you will see my letter to you as an embarrassment considering the fact that we do not know each other. I plead with you to be patient with me and give me audience because I found myself in a situation that I don’t have any option than to contact you, so that you can help me in this problem I found myself into, so I feel very pleased to contact you for your assistance and business relationship.

I am from sierra Leone, my dear husband Mr. Barry Bello was killed by the president Tejan Kabbah gunmen due to his political ambitions the heartless president who refuse to go out from power after a long civil war has also gave order to confiscate all my late husband and others assets including his bank accounts, since his death life has become miserable to me and my family, but we are lucky to have the information(IÃÔ(B of his company fixed deposit account of $18.3 million united states dollars outside the country which I and my son Jacob has the all the numbers covering the deposit . I am soliciting for your help to provide a bank account where this fund will be transfer to and invested into a profited venture such as..............

1 Real-Estate
2 Hotel businesses
3 Gas station

In your country, you will also help my son and I to have our resident visa to be in your country with out any problem. We have decided to compensate you with a good sum for any of your effort in getting things done for us which will be discuses after you declare your interest in helping us. You will also save as the director of any establishment which will be done with part of this fund in your country. We are now as a refuge in a local hotel Abidjan I will like you to contact me and my son Jacob for more details about this transaction if you are honest and capable in handling the transfer. We are hoping to hear from your urgently please kindly Reply to Via Email: (I deleted the email address.) Thanks.
Mrs. Doris. J .Bello
God bless you.

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Jenna said...

I get those (or similar ones) all of the time. It always makes me sad that so many people are in the scamming business.