Monday, August 20, 2007

The wheels on the car go round and round!

I found this over at Bee's and thought it would be so fun to do since I traveled quite a bit in my past. After completing my education to become an occupational therapist, including completing both of my internships out-of-state (Dallas and Denver!), I decided to travel as a contract therapist. I was single, loved to experience new things, and it paid well (including free housing and housing supplies). I listed the states and will do a little journal summary for ya'll.

*ok, i am bummed! my map is cut off so you can't see my northeastern states or australia in the world map below. i can see all of both maps while i am editing, but they cut off once i post. any suggestions?

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Alabama- I spent 5 months in Mobile working in the school district. I toured the battleship, enjoyed the Gulf, and learned all about Mardi Gras.
Arizona- I drove through on my trips to jobs and stayed in Phoenix for a conference.
Arkansas- I have visited friends several times in several towns, stayed in Hot Springs.
California- I have vacationed in San Fransisco and visited my brother and his family in the Santa Monica area.
Colorado- I did my psych rotation in Denver at Porter Hospital. I loved the 3 months I spent there. I lived with 3 other girls in a house in a cute neighborhood. We were walking distance from Central Park. I met them through a friend.
DC- I went there for a Greenspan/FloorTime conference and visited my friend.
Florida- I spent the best 3 months working in Port Charlotte! It wasn't the job, it was the friends I made. We worked during the week and played during the weekends. It was an international group; USA, England, Scotland. To this day, I keep up with at least one friend. "Hi K!" We traveled south to Key West and all the cute towns along the way. We spent time in Tampa as well. Discovered yummy Cuban food! I learned how to scuba dive, went to Epcot Center, and we traveled on an adventure to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. It was such a fun time and I cherish those memories with such a great group of people.
Georgia- The 1996 Olympics in Atlanta!! We road tripped there, crashed at a friend's apartment, had fun in downtown (can't remember name of the popular area), and spent the day at the Olympics. It was awesome!
Iowa- I visited a friend there.
Kansas- I was born in Salina, lived in Columbus until I was 7, and spent time in Kansas City with friends while living in Missouri. I went to a KC Royals baseball game and spent time downtown. Loved their farmer's market.
Kentucky- Went through there on a Fall driving trip.
Louisiana- Hung out in Shreveport, found an adorable b&b in a small town outside there, and visited friends in Benton.
Mississippi- Traveled through.
Missouri- I worked at a hospital in St. Joseph for several months. I met another great group of friends and we spent a lot of time together outside of work. It is where I got my belly button pierced at the age of 26!
Nevada- Drove through several time and visited a friend in Reno. I did a girls' trip to Las Vegas and went back again for an Arbonne National Conference. Las Vegas is where I fell in love with Cirque du Soleil!! I have since been to several more here in Dallas.
New Jersey- I stayed in Secaucas (sp?) for a work conference. The weather was so yucky that I didn't even go into NY while there.
New Mexico- I learned how to snow ski in college, did my first white water rafting, and spent time there while at a work conference.
Oklahoma- Lived there since I was 7; Altus until 6th grade and Shawnee through college. Too many stories to tell.
Oregon- I lived in Douglas for 3 months working at a hospital. I hated the work, but fell in love with the area. We went to Portland, Bend, and several towns south of Douglas. I LOVED Bend; so quaint, stayed at a precious b&b and ate at Honkers. I don't know if it is still there but the story behind is wonderful But by far, I loved Crater Lake the best. SO BEAUTIFUL!! Read about it here and here and here Pictures don't do it justice!
Pennsylvania- Did a historical trip to Philly.
Tennessee- Part of our Fall driving trip which included Memphis (Elvis' home, boat tour, and great bbq with a college friend) and Nashville. I have also been to Nashville several other times because my friend for over 25 years lives there with her husband, son, and baby boy #2 on the way soon! Funny-her husband's mom used to be a HeeHaw Honey! You can read about their family business here.
Texas- Again, too many stories to tell starting in college! We made some weekend trips in college from OK, I worked here for a year prior to getting into OT school, lived here several times, worked in several small towns while traveling (Kermit anyone?), work and live in the area to this day, husband from east Texas.
Utah- Traveled through, enjoyed the scenery!

You can also do a world map of your travels. I have lots more to do!!

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United States- See above!
Mexico- Two trips to Cancun; one for diving, the other with a girlfriend. The last found us eating at The Ritz. Long story but let me tell you...that is service!! I also earned a work trip to a resort in Acapulco. The best!!
Bahamas- Earned a work trip in the form of a cruise!
Australia- Wow, what an experience! This started while living in Florida because our friend K was planning a year-long backpack trip the next year and we thought it would be fun for us all to meet her in Australia. As it turns out, I was the only one to go. It was the BEST! We stayed in several locations, including Cairns, where I dove The Great Barrier Reef! We also met a friend via the internet who introduced us to his parents (a free night's stay) who then let us stay in their lake cabin a few days. What incredible hospitality!

What about you?



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kel said...

That is neat. I need to do one for myself as I was a military brat so have been lots of places. We love to travel with the kids they have a map on the refrigerator showing everywhere they have been...18 states so far!
Thanks for the comment about the writing program i have pulled up their site and am checking it out.

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I'm so jealous at how RED your map is!