Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Weight Is Over!

Today is the last day.

For not eating more balanced meals during the day.
(I am bad about starving or binging.)

For not exercising.
(I fell off my runner's schedule & Billy is dusty.)

For not taking my supplements consistently.
(I remember about 50% of the time.)

For not drinking more good fluids during the day.
(I am horrible at this.)

For not going to bed before midnight.
(I can't even explain how hard this one will be.)

I have many, many more habits I need to re-establish for myself, but I will start with these because they will directly impact my ability to lose weight and get in shape.

And that is important because I am heading up a little weight-loss challenge at my church starting tomorrow. So far, there are 10 of us participating. We are the Weight-Loss Warriors and together will begin a 12-week challenge to see who can lose the most weight each week.

Here is how it will work for us in case you want to try it with some of your buddies.
(If you want more details, just email me for the flyer I made up.)

* Weigh-in each Sunday morning at church.
* Pay your $5 each Sunday.
* Provide your "tip of the week" to be shared with all.
* We have a gal at church who is a personal trainer who is also going to be taking our body fat measurements once a month for the 3 months.
* Every Monday, I email the Warriors with the winner and 1st runner-up. The winner wins the loot for the week and the 1st runner-up doesn't have to pay the following week. I will also email everyone's weight-loss, the tips, and a bible verse of encouragement for the week.
* After we are all done, we are going to have a celebration!

I am excited! I think this will help all of us stay committed to improving our health overall. What is even neater is that we have a good mix of participants. We all know each other and several of us do know each other better than others. I think this will be a nice way to create new relationships that are encouraging and supportive.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go get started on the last supper.

I have a whole container of guacamole, several helpings of queso and chips (not the wimpy baked things that are good for ya either!), and possibly even a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies to devour before tomorrow at 8:45 am!!

You think I am kidding!

But I am not!

(the old version!)


Diann said...

That is so funny! I've been in the same boat--after vacation and just some other things, I have gotten out of my "being good to me" routine of Nutrisystem (without cheating) and my treadmill. So yesterday, took my vitamins, drank water all day and ran on the treadmill. But then my precious husband comes home tonight and asks for--you guessed it--chocolate chip cookies! I can't resist!

Golda said...

Go, Mama, Go!!

Jennifer H. said...

We can do this! Thanks for organizing all of this. I think just seeing those numbers this morning is a motivator for me! The body fat percentage and BMI killed me!!

Kimmy said...

Your weight-loss program sounds like a good one. Your goals listed at the beginning of the post regarding improving overall health were good for me to read . . . I am rarely in bed before midnight, and it's a bad habit I've also got to change . . . for the betterment of my entire family. I don't function as well on little sleep, and everyone is affected by my sleep-deprivation.
Hey, check by my site sometime today if you get a chance.

kel said...

Good luck sounds like it is a great idea.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Wow, interesting concept for losing weight. Good luck to you! I hope you win big.....but become little. ;)