Monday, August 6, 2007

Palsy & Prize Update

I wanted to update everyone on Curtis' recovery from Bell's Palsy. He has been one of the lucky ones and is almost 100% since it creeped upon his face. So just to prove to those that just thought I was making fun of him by posting his original pictures, I am posting the new ones to show his progress.







I also wanted to say my BIG THANK YOU to Diann for sending my lovely prize from the Summer Blog Giveaway!

I hesitate to post actual, real life pictures of myself, but at least it was a good bangs day! And I do need to give Diann her proper props!! And be sure to check out her site with all her goods-I listed over on my sidebar under "Really Great Things I Like"!!

The arrival!

Spilling out with goodies!

Look at all this stuff!

Modeling the cute t-shirt!

Just being silly!


Jennifer said...

I'm so glad Curtis has made a full recovery!!

Diann said...

I just returned from vacation and I'm so glad you received your goodies! The shirt fits you perfect!! I'm so glad. Thanks for the sweet post!