Friday, April 27, 2007

From top to bottom

Ok, so really this is about head (more specifically the mouth area) to bottom (literally!). I had originally wanted to title this post "Flossing and Pooping", but didn't want to lose anyone before they even read the first sentence. And for those that don't say the words "peepee" and "poopoo" (or some other version in the same family) at least 20 times a day, then this post might not be for you.

For about 2 weeks now, Luke and I have been serious about moving beyond diapers and even pull-ups during the day. Honestly, he has shown interest several times before over the last year probably due to having a big sister and Mommy that he watches in the bathroom on a regular basis. Whenever we tried, he was interested in the novelty of it but that quickly wore off and frankly....I didn't have the energy to push it or waste money on pull-ups if he wasn't really ready.

And if one is honest, this whole transition into the "big boy" world is really more about mommies than them. First, the whole idea that they are no longer your baby has just too any entangled emotions to go into here-but you know what I mean. And second, we know who really does all the work when it comes to this endeavor.

So....2 weeks ago, I decided that Luke would start wearing just underwear on the days we were home (M/W/F/S/S). I was armed with a small potty, a stool for the big potty, new underwear (and a few hand-me-downs, thanks Kim!), candy, a cool Scooby Doo calendar chart I made on the computer, plenty of wipees, and a big bottle of carpet cleaner!

I think I might be the Potty Whisperer!

Luke is rocking at this thing. Yes, he has had accidents, but not as many as I imagined. After week 1, I even sent him to school in pull-ups and asked his teachers to join our party! That has proven successful as well. Then last Thursday as I was picking him up from school, he had that look, so we ran to the bathroom and he did IT! He continued to do IT on Friday-Monday. He is telling us when he needs to go and is even trying to make it there for IT, while sometimes not quite making it there for all of IT. I can totally deal with that! And who doesn't enjoy long, meaningful conversations with and free entertainment from your 3 year old (almost)while in the bathroom. Conversations and entertainment ranging from the cool trinket or gum that the Sleep Fairy brought him from the night before to his wonderment about the "pokey things" that he is rubbing on his chest as he sits naked on the toilet to how he can make his peepee to tricks to doing the famous naked "booty" dance and chanting "booty, booty, booty" after Mommy declares "you rock"!

While I still have him wearing pull-ups with underwear when we go out or he goes to school, we are consistent then too. I even let him go on a bike ride around the neighborhood the other day with only underwear on under his shorts. I figured if nothing else, we would have a lesson on "How to discreetly pee outside".

I feel our disposable underwear budget is on the verge of decreasing least for awhile IF I ever decide about you-know-what. I might even go get a pedicure AND a manicure without feeling guilty once that happens!!

The flossing thing is a whole other story related to our friends who have kids with cavities and how brushing/flossing/rinsing is this huge routine to them now. It is about my laziness with getting my kids to brush regularly, not even considering how I would get them to floss. So again, this is really about me and getting serious about something important.

The other day, I bought 2 packages of the cute kid's flossing sticks. Of course, the kids thought is was the coolest thing. They started off trying themselves, then let me finish the job. Now, I am determined to get on a schedule of brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day.

Until next when who knows what bodily functions I may write about......


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