Monday, April 23, 2007

ahhhhh-a little piece of heaven and more!

To me, naptime is really just a slice of heaven, however, today I added an extra helping of whipcream. Today, I actually put myself in the recline position with a pillow and a blanket for 30 minutes! THEN, after I got up, I ate a bowl of German Chocolate ice cream-which by the way was SO GOOD that I had serious thoughts of licking the bowl after savoring the last bite.

Since Luke came along, my personal nap schedule has pretty much been only a faint, yet fond, memory. I have been indulging in adult naptime for as long as I can remember. I.LOVE.NAPS! LONG.NAPS!! I remember coming home between classes in college (I lived a couple of miles away and lived at home all 4 years.) and indulging while the house was quiet. I loved napping at least once a day alongside Anysa when she was a baby. I mean who can resist with a sleeping baby and a quiet house...and at that time fewer responsibilities and fewer messes to be cleaning up.

These days, I am lucky if both of them nap at all without serious threats of unspeakable horrors (like mommy's head exploding!). At this point, we still manage to average 3-4 naps a week which allows me to try to make a dent in my day's responsibilities. Luke began fighting naps much earlier than Anysa ever did which can make the event of actually getting them to their rooms much harder. And I know many of you might be thinking, "seriously, you make your 5 year old take a nap?". And I say, "seriously, YES!" She is only in school 2 days a week, so on the other three days we are all home, yes that is my goal. She feels better, I feel better! And like her brother, for a LONG time, she was a not a great night sleeper so taking naps made perfect sense. For Luke, I am pretty sure his REM cycle is wacked out with his poor breathing, so he definately needs a nap, otherwise his little invisible friends Cranky, Whiney, and Mean will come for a visit. That makes for an undesirable playgroup!

So, all that to say, I am not sure what came over me today other than pure exhaustion (or maybe an unexplainable magnetic force field between me and the couch upon entering the living room to clean up), but it was SWEET, SWEET HEAVEN!

And just in case you are interested in weird random facts about people (which I of course always love to know because I am, well..., nosey!), I also got to indulge in another one of my favorite activities alone. Getting the mail from the mailbox, sitting on the floor to open it, hearing the sound of the envelopes as a tear them in a QUIET house (because it is...yes, naptime!), making stacks of good and junk mail, actually throwing away the junk mail and envelopes (because if I left it to my husband, there would be this irritating and disorganized mess of papers that resembled mail), and reading anything of interest that I get that day in SILENCE!



Jennifer said...

We still nap at our house. I'm so lucky that both boys usually go down around 2 and will sleep anywhere from 2-3 hours. I love nap time because it's MY time. The day they don't nap, I'm sure you will hear my screams all the way to your house!!

Jennifer H. said...

I LOVE long naps. I always have. My mom said I was still begging in Kindergarten to take naps. I also took a nap almost everyday in college. Of course, that could be from staying up too late! Kaylee usually naps for 3 hours, but she is getting to where she argues about going to take nap. But once she's down, she's out. Let's hope Nolan is the same way!

Jenna said...

MMM naps. I miss naps. I could use a nap right now.