Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"Attention Wal-Mart customers,

we have just received a huge shipment of white tee-shirts and halter tops....however you will have to head over to the cold cuts and cold beer sections for the best selection as they are currently being modeled for your viewing pleasure." .

Well, this has happened every year since we moved here almost 4 years ago. And it drives me crazy every year! Since we live about 3 miles from the Texas Motor Speedway, it can't really be helped but I do try to be out of town on race weekends. The influx of people on our town, our roads, and most importantly on our local Wal-Marts is really hard to miss, what with all the trailers and overalls.

Like yesterday, I was making great time on the way to pick up my kids. It was even looking like I might be earlier this time instead of right on time or a few minutes late. And let me! It looks rude and makes me feel like people think I don't care. I do. I especially hate being late to pick the kids up, for several reasons. The kids can sense my anxiety, I feel bad that I have put other people behind with their schedule, and of course I get charged extra!

Well, anyway. So, I was making good time and had even passed the regular bottle-necked area with ease when all of a sudden-I had to not only stop but also saw this HUGE line of cars WAY ahead of me. And then, I knew! All my old race "friends" were back in town a good 1 week ahead of the actual race day (and if I am really lucky, we get to spend 2 weeks together because this is their definition of a vacation!) and had freakin' clogged up my road! And was going to make me LATE! As I got closer, I saw that it was actually the remains of a nasty wreck. But that didn't fool me because I knew the real cause.

All that to say, I really don't like race week. Too many people, too many vendors hanging out at the gas station parking lots, too many tool demonstrations at the Home Depot, and too many people buying up all the hot dogs at Wal-Mart. I mean, really, now what am I going to feed my kids for lunch!!



Jennifer H. said...

I am laughing so hard because I was just complaining about this phenomenon they call "race week" today. Even though I live a little further away from the speedway than you, it does get really crowded around here!

Enjoyed Starbucks tonight! Oh how I miss our girl time! I REALLY needed it tonight! Thanks for listening to my vents!

Jenna said...

It amazes me to see the stream of RVs and racing trucks that clog up I-35 this time of year. It would be easier if it were just for a day but the traffic seems to be bad for a week!

Thanks for linking Megann's blog. She is an amazing person. She truly appreciates all of the prayers.

Ummm, Starbucks.

Jennifer said...

No joke. I hate race weekend too. I'm with you.......I hate to be late so I always have to remember to leave quite a bit early.

Tracey said...

Yikes. So sorry you're having traffic! At least it's temporary, right?