Thursday, April 5, 2007

Now you can even send Grandma an email!

Yes, another contest, but who can resist FREE! is giving away a Presto (go view at which values at $150 with a monthly service fee of $10. Win the Presto and free service for 1 year! Go to the gals website to sign up and read contest details-as always, pretty darn easy!

UPDATE: So, I was sharing with my speech friend at work about Luke. She assured me that some of his articulation errors were perfectly normal, but a few we needed to get working on. He is fronting the sounds "g" and "k" instead of producing them from the back. Something we can easily work on, but I think I will let Amy take a look at him and then help me with some home program stuff. He does have another ENT appt. at the end of this month to check for any fluid on his ears and check his hearing and schedule his T&A (either with or without tubes, not sure yet!) All that should help as well, since along with his articulation stuff, he has a hard time sleeping at night, has periods of not breathing, seems to collect saliva in his mouth, and well, he is obviously not getting good rest because he is just too darn cranky for my good!!


Jennifer H. said...

I will say that Kaylee's speech got a lot better after her tubes and adenoidectomy. It has taken awhile, though. When we did her speech eval in November, we learned a lot of things to work on. My sis-in-law who graduates in May with her speech therapy degree said that a lot of Kaylee's are developmental. Most of her S's come out sounding like "fw." Such as, "Let's go fwimming!" Or, "Mommy, I don't want to go afweep!" Good luck!!

Jenna said...

Good luck. How wonderful that you work at a place where you can learn some things to work on with Luke. God is good!

I can't thank you enough for talking with me the other day. You cannot know how much it meant to me. I worry about what Cade will face in the future, but ignoring that there is a problem will not help anything. It really helped to talk to you and to hear that we are probably heading in the right direction. Thank you, thank you! I am sure that I will be talking to you more!