Monday, April 2, 2007

Do you fink we haf a poblem here?

Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit and to be honest I am really only mildly concerned at this point that my almost-3 year old son may need some speech work. Of course even since before my daughter was born 5 years ago, my husband requested that I not overanalyze my children's development being that I work with kids as a pediatric occupational therapist. Thankfully, I can say that my children were born healthy and developed at an average to above-average ;) rate. I know how blessed we are for that to be the case, so I do really try to not over-react.

I know what "normal" development looks like from both a practical, hands-on standpoint as well as from the book learning I once did. I also know what it does not look like. I know we have a little time to work on this, but he does seem to have a problem dropping his "f's" in where they should not be and excluding them from places they should be. Plus there are a few other cute things he says that have nofing to do with the letter "f"! It makes for great amusement on our part at times, which leads me to share with you, Electric Company style! I am sure I am leaving some really good ones out, but I will try to update the list as they come to me. That should teach me to keep that little notebook handy!!

s + lip = slip, s + lop = slop, slip + slop = slip slop
- as in "I want to wear my slip slops." (we have progressed from its original form of sip sop)
f + ruck = fruck
- what papa drives (and i am being generous here since this is family-friendly blogging!)
f + rucky = frucky, f + eese = feese, frucky + feese = frucky feese
-that place with the irritating mouse. (again, i am being generous!)
ha + f = haf
- as in "I haf to tell you somfin Mommy." (usually when he is sneaking out of time out or his bed!)
f + ing = fing
- as in "One more fing."
p + air = pair
- as in "It not pair!!" (who do you think he learned that from!)
f + ing = fing
- as in "Push me high on the fing."
w + his = whis
- as in "When she get out, she play whis me."
f+rouble = frouble
-as in "You in big frouble!" (he likes to pretend he is the boss sometimes.)
p + or = por
- as in "Is that por me?"
be + tuz = betuz
-as in "Betuz I want to." (his answer to almost everything.)
d + et = det
- as in "I det it, I det it pirst!" (as he races his sister to anything!)
a + ch + une = achune
- as in "achune eweven" (when asked when his birthday his.)

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