Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We had another nice plumbing issue arise late last week.

Our pipes are very picky and we have to be gentle with them.

I forget from time to time.

Between no plumbing until yesterday afternoon and dealing with my kids' ball schedules, I am tuckered out!

Thankfully, we had access to showers a few minutes down the road at the in-laws. I just closed my eyes to all the dishes and laundry that continued to pile up since last Thursday.

On my agenda for tomorrow?

All day laundry festival!

I am glad to report that I did successfully make my way through one child's room and 1/2 way through the other's. Maybe I can finish that job tomorrow as well.

Lots of other stuff to chit chat about, but my brain is too tired to form good thoughts.

And seriously with that baby ticker over there to the right?!!

It is not being very encouraging in terms of my getting things done.

5 weeks left!



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Cara said...

5 weeks! Just rest up and enjoy feeling that baby inside you.