Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

After playing hard all weekend, I guess even the prospect of the the Easter Bunny's arrival couldn't budge them on Sunday. Although the extra sleep was nice for me, I was shocked to have to wake them up at 8:20 that morning.

As you can see, someone slipped in and shared a bed with sister the night before. It seems in leiu of covers, he opted for his baseball shirt. Notice that his legs are tucked nicely through one of the armholes!

They didn't realize what they were missing!

I like to do my own "baskets" and opt for a container that is useable throughout the year. This year, the kids scored some summer essentials like sunglasses, new beach towels, jump ropes, and kites. A few books and dollar items made them almost complete. Although I try to discourage the adoption of more stuffed animals, both of the kids had displayed a real passion for the Furr Real animals. I caved!

Even our impeding arrival scored his own bucket with a few new books.

Our Easter shots had to be indoors this year. Besides running late, we were dealing with loads of rain that morning.

He makes my life more interesting all the time!

My big idea this year was to create a strip of chalkboard paint on the buckets. For adding their names for Easter and then for whatever was in the bucket later on. You can see the dark image on the green bucket. Because I didn't really read the instructions until the day before, we only got the strips painted. They won't be useable until later this week, so we just turned the buckets around until then. I can't wait!



Kimmy said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Jennifer said...

Like you, I always put practical gifts in their baskets. Glad you have a good day!

Martie said...

Awww, how sweet! It looks like it was a fun day even though you couldn't be outdoors. You have beautiful children!