Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baby Blessing and Beyond

Sunday before last, I traveled back "home" and received another baby blessing.

I almost said no to this one.

I desparately wanted to spend time with my friends, but didn't want it to turn into a greedy-gift-receiving thing.

But I was convinced otherwise. And I am so glad that I said yes. I got to make my wish list of attendees. People that are very dear to me. People that I just wanted to hang out with.

They could have all brought a gift bag full of rocks as far as I was concerned.

Know what I mean?

And while several could not make it, I hope they know how much I missed them.

Surrounded by friends before the festivities get started.

Such a beautiful table setting in blues, browns, and yellows.

Everyone wrote a blessing on the blue frame.

Then they all took turns lighting a candle and saying a blessing over the baby before placing their lit candle into the cake. That is my sweet friend Heather with me. I am not sure what she is doing, but knowing us, it is along the lines of trying not to cry!

Blowing out all my wonderful blessing's candles.

Not caring how I look here. Can you even resist his first pair of swim trunks?!!

Checking out my diapers.

My sweet friend Jennifer (who sadly could not make it to the shower due to a family loss.) totally read my mind and got the baby new gowns. The one tub that I have not been able to find has all my baby boy sleepers, gowns, and blanket/burp cloth type stuff. It was driving me crazy, but now I can relax. I love gowns on babies!

I really missed having Jen complete our circle that day!

A big boy outfit which sports a cool dinosaur guitar rocker! Little man has agreed to let little brother be in his band with such a cool shirt!

No doubt that he will be a monkey just like his big brother!

OH MY! Jennifer's mom, Cyndy, made me these precious burp cloths! And yes, they are for me! I will proudly show them off over my shoulder at church, but that boy won't be burping on them! :)

My much wiser friends who I adore! The one on the right is a super woman just like her daughter and my friend!

My friend, Janet. We used to go to church together. Now they go to a church that has a wonderful buddy program for kids with special needs. You can see the top of her sweet boy's head, but I just didn't feel right about posting his picture without permission. We look serious here, but we did laugh together and enjoyed catching up! She is an incredible mom and her son (and daughter!) are so lucky to have her.

Ahhh, my dear Pam, who I could never say enough good things about. I dread the fact that she won't get to love on my newest little one the same way she did my first two.

Christi is such a doll and makes me laugh!

Heather and I have been together in our group from the beginning. It is so good to have those friends with whom you can spend time with and it is easy because the background has already been established.

Shannon is the woman with answers! She is such a dear friend. Although a late-comer to our group, we would be so incomplete without her.

Laurie is such a down-to-earth gal and I am so thankful she lets me call her friend. She is another one that God purposely let us claim for our group!!

Rachel. What do you say about a friend who makes your head spin in a good way? She is always doing and we just stand back in amazement some times and watch. I am so thankful that she is one of us because our group would not be the same without her.

Amy is a friend from church. We are both OTs but in totally different ways. She loves difficult hands and I love difficult kids! I really enjoyed catching up with her.

This is Barbara. I hope everyone is lucky enough to have a woman like Barbara (and Lana who is below) in her life. One of those wiser women that you adore and learn so much from; one that loves and teaches your precious children like their own when it comes to learning about God; one that acts younger than you do some days and makes you laugh! If she would only learn how to ride an elephant instead of a donkey! ;) (No worries! Our little joke! She will probably laugh more than me!)

Sweet Lana! I really miss her too! Among other things, we shared the joy of teaching our young special ladies at church. Ditto on her on all the things I love about Barbara. Well, except I think she might prefer elephants! ;)

On a random note, this is just me, hiking up my pants for the zillionth time!

After my shower, the girls and I got to enjoy a bit more time together as we talked over Mexican food. I loved every minute of it!

See why it was so hard to leave?



Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

LOVELY! And you look absolutely PRECIOUS, mama. Just glowy and happy and wonderful. So fun!

Kimmy said...

Wow . . . count yourself blessed to have so many close friends. I wouldn't be able to list this many close friends to invite to a baby shower . . . I wish I could, but I obviously don't have the people-magnet skills that you do.
You look great, by the way, and I love reading about your showers and anything to do with your baby. I'm ready to hear about his arrival sooner than later, I hope. Blessings and ((HUGS)) to you! Have a great day!

Cindy said...

Wow what a fantastic shower. Love all that personalized stuff. And I just had to giggle at your "hiking up your pants" photo. I was constantly doing that too. LOL!

Mommy Cracked said...

I just love little gowns, too. *sigh*

So glad you got to visit with your friends. Looks like they threw a fantastic shower!